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again northern side inspection
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Default  again northern side inspection

"Yes, the newspaper in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Southern Asia there all is saying this matter, hears to is under the personally of commander of order, prepare to send 1,000,000 battalions, also need to resist to Clayton Blackburn Authentic Jersey drive to lead the army personally." "Put your Niang of black pull fart, resist to drive to lead the army personally?You are still Qing Dynasty country." "What does that have?Now whole country top and bottom who don't know that the big president is an emperor, commander is an emperor's father.What does emperor's father resist to drive to lead the army personally to have to don't go?" "Must get, this has what well contend for.Pour is send a soldier is really a leave?Is very not easy to lead a safe day, and then want to fight be not from seek boring?Said again, G son year eight country Conor Gillaspie Authentic Jersey allied troops that meeting these foreign devils can have no little disaster we, fight this for them isn't the life that takes us and stick a cold bottom of foreign devil!Meeting can't be see the Japanese ate in commander's under charge shriveled, see till now even the persons who talk all could not seek intentionally next set of harm us?" "Do not beard, my that nephew last month just came back from Japan, heard that the foreign devil is original meaning to want Japan to send a soldier to help them, small Japan can not even be sure of one's own safety at present, avenue God sky someone protests against the parties didn't send army, so want to pull we join partnership." "This is in a mess, Cory Gearrin Authentic Jersey my house's two boys have already France gone shipyard and is work." Misgiving, worry anxiously, surprised, enjoy a play.Will soon again welcome a lunar calendar early spring moment, numerous moods mixing up just will send toward Europe concerning China the soldier's gossip in can not from pull out, the news beginning flies to soon spread in the national teahouse wine shop, people more say more Xuan, finally interloper still plait go abroad a person have to Dan Slania Authentic Jersey send to several hundreds of factories of commander, several ten rumors that the western beauty exchanges 1,000,000 battalions. The rumor returns a rumor, but this period of time of far east is rare quiet and peaceful.The aftermath of 510 riots in Japan hasn't spread to the utmost, because of always canning not finding a suitable candidate to at last and unexpectedly make a temporary emperor clan cabinet, the temple prince endowed with the carefree hospital at home by carefree serves as at the time a prime minister until politics contends for be over.Japanese imperial house is still enough in local prestige of, so six fights for sea, fight for prime minister etc.s all turn to°from the vigorous conflict dark in compete.
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