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Anti - rust treatment of galvanized sheet incision
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Default  Anti - rust treatment of galvanized sheet incision

This is a high demand for products on the customer, mainly to do galvanized sheet incision rust treatment, stamping galvanized sheet, some fresh incision, if not rust treatment, put a long time, Will rust, especially if the stamping of some of the so-called emulsion, then the rust may be more serious. The following are the same as the "China vendor cheapest price 8 inch stainless steel pipe

In order to take into account the efficiency and appearance requirements, the process is as follows: cutting - sheet metal forming - cleaning - rust treatment - spraying - silk screen - assembly.316H Thick Wall Large Diameter Stainless Steel tube

In considering the anti-rust cycle, salt spray test requirements, but also consider the safety, conductivity, and the thickness of the oil film, can not stick, does not affect the subsequent assembly. The following are the same as the "stainless steel sipe

If it is the use of anti-rust oil soaking program, it is generally recommended to use water-based anti-rust oil (water-based anti-rust agent) more appropriate. The following are the same as the "stainless steel sheet solutions

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Default  jay

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Default  a

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Default  excited

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Default  opinion

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Default  gfdgd

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Default  Nike Air Max

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