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The sidebar on page 137 says that the answers to questions 2 and 3 are on page 151, but they are not. Here are the answers and explanations: Question 2 is a Rule Tester since it asks you which complete configuration is permissible. The approach here is a bit more complicated than that for a normal Rule Tester because the rules discuss who trains whom, while the answer choices list the positions held after the first round of training. To answer this question, you have to make some deductions about how the game functions and work through each answer choice. First, you know that “at least one person from each position moves to a different position.” This eliminates choice (D) because no one moved from cook to cashier. It also eliminates choice (B) because no one moved from cashier to manager. And while you’re looking at managers, you can see that choice (C) is illegal because R moved from cook all the way to manager, which would require two rounds of training—even though the question stem said there had been only one round. Finally, use the information about who trains whom. Before the first round, three people (O, S, and T) are conducting the training of the cooks, so to move to a different position, a cook must be trained by two of the three (a majority). You can see that V is the only person mentioned twice in the rules, and she is not trained by either T or O, so there is no way she can move to cashier after the first round. Choice (E) violates this deduction, so choice (A) must be correct. Question 3 is a Complete Configuration question. Since it is a Universal question, you just have to create the master diagram, make all the possible deductions, and count up how many spots are completely determined. The question stem suggests that the patients are the spots, so use them as the backbone of your diagram, and the therapies (M, O, and P) and the elements. For rule 1, put a P in the Y spot and put a superscript (4) next to P in the stock to indicate that the diagram must have exactly four P’s. Note that Y could also receive some additional therapies; you don't know for sure. For rule 2, put an M and an O in the V spot. For rule 3, you can see that X must have a P, because he can’t share any element with V, who already has an M and an O. This also means that neither X nor V can add any more therapies because that would cause some overlap. Thus, the X and V groups are now closed (completely determined). Put a box around them to symbolize this. For rule 4, you can see that W must receive all three therapies because V already has two. Put M, O, and P in the W spot and draw another box around the spot to show that it is also closed. For rule 5, you can put a ~P in the Z spot, but you can’t completely determine this spot because you don’t know if Z gets an M, an O, or both. For rule 6, you can put two blank spaces in the U spot. You can also deduce that one of those spaces must be filled by P because you need a total of four P’s on the diagram. W, X, and Y definitely have a P, and M and Z definitely don’t have a P, so the fourth P must be in the U spot. However, you can’t tell whether U’s second therapy is M or O, so this spot is not completely determined. Finally, just count up the completely determined spots: V, W, and X. That’s three, so choice (C) is correct. [img:b6f3733c37]http://jrevirtualarchitect.com/ekimg/Q3.jpg[/img:b6f3733c37]
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