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10 week study schedule success
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Default  10 week study schedule success

Looking for opinions and results regarding EKs 10 week study schedule. I will have all of the material within 2 weeks (at the very longest) and have been studying old Kaplan books for content review. I'm looking to start from scratch and take on the 10 week schedule. I have waaaaay more than 10 weeks, so there is room for modification and extra practice. How has this schedule worked for others out there? Any scores to share? Successes? Failures? Mediocrities? Please share... Just a quick background blurb about myself: I work full time (but willing to put in 3-4hrs a night), and I'm the better part of a decade past my pre-req days... however the science is no problem when I get myself in gear. Thanks for reading. Peace A
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Hi, I'm thinking about the 10-week home study program as well. I have all of the materials in addition to Audio Osmosis. I work overtime but I also have a lot of time to contribute to studying. Took the test in Sept and did well on all sections but Physics got me. I studied using an accelerated Princeton Review course. I was a bit helpful, but not as helpful as I would have liked. I do not think I need to pay for another prep class. I like ExamKrackers books and I am going to use them as my primary method of studying in addition to the materials received from P.R. Good Luck
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Default  Late post

I am also a non-traditional student - almost 10 years since undergrad. I work full time and live in an area where the courses aren't offered, so I'm going to try the 10 wk study schedule. How is it going for you thus far? I don't plan to take the test until September, but with the amount of time I've been out of school, I figure I need a headstart.
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In my opinion, anyone who decides to take the MCAT has to relearn a lot of the material since you forget a lot of things taught at the undergraduate level no matter how little you are removed from it. Also, the emphasis and equality of education in undergrad sciences varies in so many degrees that a good undergraduate score in a class doesn't necessarily mean you'll do well in the MCAT. Ten-weeks is too little! Unless you are a genius, it takes about a year to really get this thing down. It's not just about the material either-- if it was, the success rate would be a lot higher. You have to worry about extracurricular things in your every day life, and if you can't manage those properly, then you won't do well on the test. Give yourself about a year is my advice. Not more though, since that won't give you a sense of urgency.
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I agree with APChekhov, I don't think 10 weeks is long enough. I too am some years past undergrad pre-req courses and I have been studying for the April MCAT since November. I am studying every day up until a couple of days before the test. Will post my scores after I am done. I am relying on EK material and some old Kaplan and TPR books I got from someone. Good luck to you all.
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Default  kaplan book

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Default  fundamental subjects

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Default  essay writing service

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Default  Study plan

A study plan is an effective way to help you navigate through your college education in an organized way. Every student will develop a different study plan; there is no correct study plan for everyone. When creating your personalized study plan, you will need to do some self-evaluation of your current schedule and time management. 350-029 dumps
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Default  Kaplan Book and Video Lectures

I was wondering the same before one of the leading academic consultant at dissertation help suggested me to use Kaplan book and some video lectures. Even one of my friend who recently attempted his exams found them very useful. Its quite user friendly book and even the video lectures if you can get to study at home should boost your grades. 
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Default  ExamKrackers is good

Its always advisable to study from home. I would personally recommend online study resources at Exam Krackers I found them very useful and effective in my personal studies. Also I have recommended them to my students who seek admissions in various UK colleges at I provide them with personal statement help for their UCAS application. Even one the student found it very helpful and thanked me for the online resources he found here. So One can really go ahead with this, plan their home studies and look for good online study resources and video lectures and save some good amount on other fees or charges.
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Default  Best resource to refer for MCAT exams

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Default  Awaiting for Result

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Default  Help

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Default  Great Information

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