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so you should return to country to go and use
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Default  so you should return to country to go and use

ht to speak, however."He makes reference to here, intentionally the deadlock hangs up to have everyone of curious, just continue to say:"If can choose, I will make money first." "Make money?"Head the mountain is full also drive he this viewpoint hang up to have curious, in his eyes this young man should immediately help him the lord son to stretch hand to want money, can not only not Radko Gudas Authentic Jersey stretch hand now and incredibly say that oneself wants to make money and seldom peeps out a silk smile to ask a way:"Could you tell me the reason of this choice?" See him incredibly smile to he, Chen Hao Hui greatly loosens tone:"Want to kill to return to southwest to seek Yang Qiu to revenge, have to be strong armed.Because Yang Qiu has already seen a southwest for the sake of own big rear, he in no case will allow anyone to participate, so wanting to build up 1 can move the troops whom he rules to need much money, if have no everything moneys are all unreal, so I would thought of to make money." Chen Hao Hui's in the mind is secretly just thinking, if be known that is oneself so dry, will can't chase oneself first by commander and crew member when did the rebel kill?Head the mountain is full certainly Ron Hextall Authentic Jersey can't know that he incredibly is thinking this problem, continue to ask a way:"So have you already profitablely planned?" "Have a little looks."Chen Hao Hui early think good, originally prepared to used for suddenly and leisurely Tang to say out after the viewpoint of Yao:"I feel to go first Anna or Southern Asia to develop, had better buy a few ships run sea transportation, this pretty makes money.There are rubber and iron mine in Southern Asia, we can carry future this bargain.If this goes impassability, Scott Laughton Authentic Jersey that is simply to plant smoke soil, or go to Siam and Burma, there are countless golds and jade there!If operating is smooth, need several years and then can earn many money." While saying smoke soil and gold jade he still intentionally the eyes expose fierce light, let people feel that he is to intend depend armed accept money Lan wealth, but say to carry future origin bargain the but again make people feel his some schemingses, want to lend this draw near and Japan of the distance start to build up a good relation.Head the mountain make the twists about way of doing again and again nod, strange of is medium mountain Qiao the face ascend to incredibly also have no bad impression. Chen Hao Hui of the idea, who embraces and gives a mountain full to leave a good impression, grinds teeth to continue to say:"Choose Southern Asia in addition to being rich outside, also is a little bit Sean Couturier Authentic Jersey more very important, that is Yang Qiu now is greatly opening property and lands of rule against killing, a lot of good businessmen and landlord to all had to confiscated in the southwest, the family are all driven out grounds like Southern Asia,etc, these people is exactly our demand to the home country's loving dearly of, so as long as being rich, can quickly start to pull a troops, and because everyone has a common target, the incorporation also has no a too great problem.As long as have several years we can counterattack Guangxi and Yunnan from Anna, we probably can not victory, but can break his big southwest rear to plan, if contact the last central government, attack from both flanks is also hopeful.Certainly if can there is sea support, the Guangxi coast setting up separatist regime from Yang Qiu lands better." He again doesn't wear support in Japan of the looking for of trace, this time connect medium the mountain Qiao a
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