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wants to treat several more day
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Default  wants to treat several more day

ople were also regarded as Yang Qiu's close relatives, so seedling Luo the cheeks is a bit tiny and red narrow-minded, but waited to enter factory behind a while like discovered a New Continent sort, because here am almost a woman worker, a lot of girls who tie a plait inside the training class a see is like a woman schools a just- graduated student.Yang Qiu's shape the high Matt Murray Authentic Jersey big appearance is handsome, come in and go out again with many attendants crowding round the snob appeal is hundred percent, so a burst of rashness that immediately leads to come to the woman workers moves, until several people recognized his identity after, the look in the eyes for adoring lets seedling Luo all silently Ning chase his arm. Yang Qiu has never liked the white of spirit eye, get into to produce after the area seedling Luo to finally know why here all of big parts were woman workers, because this is one system pharmaceutical factory. Chen Yu Tang studies doctor and chemistry in Italy, last year graduation after originally didn't want to return to country, because he felt local too the loose hair exhibition didn't settle a dispute an industry, until the father sent a letter here to tell his Yang Qiu three province inspected to make, hope he could come back to start a pharmaceutical factory be brought benefit to to a people, Nick Bonino Authentic Jersey just showed interest to return to country.Certainly he didn't also forget taking care of of Yang Qiu and took him to give GBP 50,000 that the father sends, buy large numbers of medical treatments and chemical engineering to produce an equipments in Italy and France, and then ran the empire of Ao Xiong that separates to one sea to invite a few medicine teachers and also turn to take a few classmates to come back together. The local western medicine factory is few, have several houses just in more flourishing Shanghai and Guangdong, at first material also the big part needed to be importing, so Yang Qiu particularly valued the pharmaceutical factory that he invested, not only give Chen Yu Tang and he was a few classmate shares, the price of triple requested Ao Xiong and Italian medicine to stay chemistry teacher, Olli Maatta Authentic Jersey also pass seedling Luo the Chinese people student in this aspect of the United States recalling severals. The scale doesn't calculate greatly, equipments' pouring is most stylish, but the technique strength is still not enough, superficially currently for two products, everyone acquaints with most of department wood and morphine.Department wood naturally, sell always quite good all countries of quantity to all mass-produce.The morphine is also a tight Qiao merchandise, national defense soldier one in the last years cost 1,000,000 just on this purchase many, so Yang Qiu has been hoping to self product, besides the national defense soldier forbids poison, from cloud expensive etc. Pascal Dupuis Authentic Jersey ground 100 tons of various opium that pay to get, the incineration is biggest waste, go fetch to make morphine had better however. Make morphine also is to have a purpose, because in his memory, the European War starts after the need of all countries to morphine will rise to one make the situation of hard imagination of people, the price starts soaring a while in 1915 triple!Currently world's most morphine manufacturer American Hui Rui company is only this and no more a to be up to USD 100000000 and establish the position of medicine eldest brother in the world up the profits.Although he doesn't entertain wild hope so many, because all of opiums are what troops and police after paying to get the half sell ha
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