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Is not this an useless talk
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Default  Is not this an useless talk

The navy whom respectfully fixs always grows don't also do how long because the provisional government dismisses and has no matter to do, Yuan a life time Kai's pouring is to invite him, but only Ryan McDonagh Authentic Jersey distance wall only brings back in north of sea Qi warship, and hand over to it after Liu Guan Xiong he still avoids and resides Fukien by himself and plus northern financial power not benefit, so is finally simply back first fleet.Yang Qiu although the big degree allows him to serve as the sea Chen cruiser warship long,this person's brains is inflexible, think that Yang Qiu harms he lost fleet conductor the right caused to be ungrateful to entrusting of ice in the Sa town, so come back behind not too obey king only the order of male, this time if not that mattering to graveness he woulds not like to act, either. To this autumn Sergei Nemchinov Authentic Jersey didn't also good way, respectfully fixing is the person of ice in the Sa town have to give some face, after plusing A noon the generation English Rui to the utmost loses, the old navy person with difficulty makes currently this small seedling, all of them are the hopes of blue national military advances water, so don't be eager to do well in everything to go reform as well, can slowly think way removal old influence. "How long probably can get to Tienjin?" Wang Guang Xiong although the past was that the gunboat warship is long,also goes to British grillage Ni to cure navy under ice recommendation in the Sa town the school study abroad for three years, so the Tanner Glass Authentic Jersey business still masters in on the whole and sees the color of the sky way:"Now is a northwest breeze, sail aweather will slowly first half around sky, however unless is to run into bad weather, otherwise Be quasi- to arrive for three days." "Does Japanese navy take an activity often here?" The problem lets king only the male is one Leng, also think that Yang Qiu is worried that Japanese navy strikes and says:"Is much better several years before comparing, before here can also usually see a war row warship, hear Japanese military expenses shortage for these two years, so fight the row warship see of the opportunity is small a lot of, cruiser and gunboat can also usually see, Tie Domi Authentic Jersey but they general however Taiwan, it is England to hear don't like Japan excessive get into south china sea.However though the commander trusts, this time our flight paths the all offshore side isn't far, even if have no the foreigner escort, three cruisers protecting you still can accomplish with Mr. Song's safety." Every other line if separate mountain, Yang Qiu to navy completely ignorant, generous upward he can also hold, but concretely arrive to physically sail battle and then completely grasp blind, hear England limits Japanese navy to come in and go out the south of Taiwan behind silently Ning next eyebrow, change a topic:"Respectfully fixs they how?" "Old was a temperament Ao some, the other still goes."King only the male after all is also person in Fukien, don't want to tear open to make to turn over with everyone as well.He compares to respectfully fix cleverness many, know oneself today can direct a fleets all because of the trust of this young man, know to meet of boon be flow out spring to mutually report.But again realize Yang Qiu in fact and be dissatisfied with the navy in nowadays, fear his strong line of reform to cause a dispute, the Tan Te says:"The commander trusts, everyone although it is said mouth up defy spirit, but heart bottom inside be still okay.Our these people ex
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