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Examkrackers 2015 MCAT FAQ
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Default  Examkrackers 2015 MCAT FAQ

1: Can we still study with the 7th or 8th Ed. Books?
Answer: The new 9th Ed. books are considerably different in many of the areas from the old 7th & 8th Ed. Books.  The complete 9th Ed study package has everything that you need to prepare for the new MCAT.
2: Is Examkrackers updating the 1001 Questions Books and the 101 Passages in Verbal Reasoning?
Answer: Our team is working on updating all these supplemental study materials.
3: Can the older version of the 1001 Questions Books and the 101 Passages in Verbal Reasoning still be used to prepare for the new 2015 MCAT?
Answer: The Examkrackers 1001 series is currently being updated.  Some topics are cut and others added.  Until then, many of the topics in the 1001 series do largely overlap with new MCAT content. The current Physics, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry 1001 books will still help drill and reinforce much of the basic science needed for the MCAT.  The same holds true of 1001 Biology, though the passage style and questions represent only some of the new MCAT passages and questions.  The AAMC Content Guide provides the complete topic list for reference.  The current Examkrackers 101 Verbal book will prepare you well for success on the CARS section on the new MCAT, as the skills tested and format did not change.  Only the natural science topics were replaced with public health and medical ethics passages.
4: Why don’t the 9th Ed. Books have Indexes?
Answer: Examkrackers decided to publish the 9th edition Manuals without an index in order to avoid delay in publication in time for the 2015 MCAT.  Future editions of the books will once again include an index.
5: Will Examkrackers be updating the course books anytime in the near future due to the actual first 2015 MCAT test will not be taken until April 2015 to reflect any changes that AAMC has made since the Examkrackers 9th Ed. Books were printed?
Answer: The Examkrackers 9th edition manuals were created based on extensive and in-depth research on the AAMC and the New MCAT. From the beginning of the production process, we had access to content guides, multiple passages and questions from every section of the 2015 MCAT. As additional materials were released from the AAMC, the 9th edition books were revised and updated.  To address changes in content and emphasis from the old MCAT to MCAT 2015, the Examkrackers Manuals were entirely restructured. Within each lecture, bold and italicized terms are up to date to reflect topics tested and not tested.
The Examkrackers 9th edition Manuals include new features to build skills needed for MCAT 2015. Signposts help students make mental connections between concepts to reflect the new interdisciplinary nature of the MCAT. The 9th edition manuals feature a chapter dedicated to research skills to help students with the toughest questions on the new MCAT. The Examkrackers Psychology & Sociology Manual was written and developed in close step with the bio-psychosocial focus of this new MCAT section.

Examkrackers' development team analyzed how AAMC passages, questions, and answer choices are written and constructed. Like real MCAT 2015 passages, our passages are adapted from the research literature, are medically relevant, and provide questions assessing research and data interpretation skills.

Although the AAMC very slightly adjusted the topic lists after our books were printed, the changes were minor. The AAMC has stated that few if any further changes will be implemented to maintain consistent scoring across test administrations.

Upon review of the Official AAMC Sample Test released in the fall 2014, we are confident that the Examkrackers practice materials reflect the new MCAT and prepare students well for the AAMC MCAT practice passages and questions released to date.

Examkrackers plans to release the 10th edition manuals in 2016 and will update the Manuals regularly as needed.

Examkrackers stands behind the 9th edition manuals as solid preparation toward your success on MCAT 2015.
6: What was changed on the new 2015 MCAT Verbal Section in regards to CARS?
Answer: The CARS MCAT section changed in content not format.  Natural science passages were replaced with medical ethics and population health passages.  It is 50% longer than the old MCAT.  The Examkrackers Reasoning Skills manual was expanded to include a chapter on MCAT Research Skills as well as a new chapter on Advanced CARS Skills.  The Intro chapter and the CARS practice passages were updated to reflect the new MCAT.

7: Is Examkrackers going to update the Audio Osmosis for the new MCAT?  Can we still use the old version of Audio Osmosis?
Answer: We do plan to release a new edition of Audio Osmosis for the new MCAT.  Until that time, the current version of AO can only help to reinforce a deep understanding of the basic science and CARS skills.  That said, remember that some of the science on AO is no longer tested and some of the science needed for the new MCAT is not covered in AO fully (such as metabolism, enzymes and genetics).  The old Verbal and new CARS sections of the MCAT are virtually the same in format - only the topics changed slightly.
8: Will Examkrackers be releasing the 9th Ed. Books as eBooks?
Answer: We are currently working on releasing the 9th Ed. Books in an eBook format; please check back on our website for updates on their release.
9: Will Examkrackers be releasing any full-length practice test?
Answer: Yes, Examkrackers will have several full-length practice tests available for purchase in the coming months; please check back on our online store for availability and pricing.
10: Does the 9th Ed. Complete Study Package come with any practice test?
Answer: There are no test included with the study package.  However each of the books have a 30 Min in-Class exam for each section as well as standalone practice questions in the sections as well.

11: Do the Examkrackers Online Practice Tests have different questions than the 9th Ed Books?
Answer: Yes, the questions on the Examkrackers Online Practice Tests all have different questions than the books.

12: In the new 10th edition I am aware that there are 33 additional passages. That means more questions, so many many questions are provided in the 10th edition? Are there quizzes at the end of each chapter?
Answer: The number of questions remained the same between the 9th and 10th editions. The ratio of passages to questions was updated to reflect the new MCAT where there are 4-5 questions per passage, not 6-7. CARS passages have 5-7 questions per passage. The number of passages was increased in order to maintain the number of questions per chapter while matching the AAMC ratio of questions to passage. Yes, there are quizzes at the end of each chapter.
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Default  Exam Krackers study schedule

I was curious to know how to correctly outline these chapters on the day where we are suppose to Read the chapters with a highlighter and pen and take notes. The time recomended says 2-3 hours, but it is taking me way longer than that to outline, them and not being able to comprehend everything due to hours of outlining, I was curious if anyone has a more effective way to outline these chapters so that I can fully comprehend everything and make studying  more effective, while finishing the outline in the recommended time ?
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Default  Practice Test Score conversion

Examkrackers scores its practice test in percentage score basis. How to convert it into official new MCAT point scale which is between 472 and 528?
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Default  Calendar

Will there be a new calendar for the 9th edition study materials like there was for the previous one? I cannot find the link for the old calendar but it basically mapped everything out for you and gave you a description of how much time it would take to get through a section and what questions to do?
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Default  Release date for 10th Edition (MCAT)

From reading prior posts it appears as EK is going to publish a 10th ed. Is the approximate date known? I plan on taking exam in 2016 and I would like to purchase the books as soon as they become available.
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Default  10th edition

I really want the most updated set of exam cracker books. When will the 10th edition be released? I am taking the mcat in june /july 
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Default  10th edition

when is the 10th edition coming out?
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Default  Specific order for studying concepts?

I have seen the at home 10 week study schedule, but am wondering if the specific order in which we study topics actually matters that much? I have mapped out a study schedule for myself this summer using advice of alternating topics and not straight going through an entire book at once. I did not actually use the same order of topics as the 10 week schedule though. 
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Default  Audio Osmosis

Hello, I do not know if this is where I am supposed to write this, but I had a question about Audio Osmosis. Does it come with the online course or is it sold separately and, if so, how do I get ahold of it?
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Default  Education

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Default  EK home study schedule

On the current home study schedule that is posted, AAMC section banks are referenced. Where would I find these?
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