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New MCAT—2015 Course Review
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Default  New MCAT—2015 Course Review

The course has been fantastic. All of the instructors have more than met my expectations. Each instructor was just what I needed for each chapter. Amazing how this seemed to work out this way! I think this is my first time to evaluate John N...(he) covered most of the material in the Biology Systems Book 2 and Psychology and Sociology and CARS. I had an instructor who has taken not only the MCAT, but STEP 1 and STEP 2. WOW! He synthesized the material in the sections into concise diagrams and lists that when coupled with the EK text and EK diagrams made an incredibly high yield learning opportunity for me.  John helped me to “up my game” for test taking mental readiness. All three of my instructors -John, Zia and Totini gave me the most valuable feedback I could I have received…….”You know this.” A test like the MCAT or the LSAT or USMLE STEP generally makes the student feel very incompetent. You/I focus on what we do not know rather than on what we do know. Of course, we are going to shore up the weak areas. But, it is important to feel confident and efficacious about material that we do know.  Over and over again, they said to me……You know this material.  They helped me integrate and consolidate and throw out what I do not need. Thank you EK, for a wonderful experience. Last year, I had three test dates and I canceled the test one month out each time.  When I passed the one month out cancelation date a few weeks ago, I knew I was mentally, emotionally and academically ready to move into the last few weeks of preparation. Thank you. And, you know what? If I do not get the score I want, I am back at this again immediately.  Sharon R. (February Course 2015)

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