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Audio Osmosis... w/o the humour and extra bits.
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Default  Audio Osmosis... w/o the humour and extra bits.

J & J; Is it possible to produce a set of the AA CDs that don't have all the extra humour and chit chat? Although I think a fair bit of it is funny and helps aid memory, some of it is certainly not funny and adds considerably to the listening time of the CDs. It would be nice to have the option of turning the humour on/off if a new edition of the CDs is going to be released. Cheers, John
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Default  Xena Xylophone

It's nice to have humor as a companion in the rite of passage known as the MCAT. Without the hijinx of Jon and Jordan I'd be at a loss to keep a lot of the little details of science in mind. I certainly didn't learn everything necessary to score well sitting in my university (paid for) classes. But knowing that Vic Dihalide had a girlfriend named Xena Xylophone and had his nipples pierced so he could hang a silver X from each in her honor fills in some of the gaps in my education and makes me giggle too. Did you know Vic also has a dog? Check it out on audio osmosis. If you want plain science Kaplan is dry enough to satisfy the humorless folks out there- but they don't have CD's. Can you imagine how lifeless and boring they would be if they did have CD's? Take a look at their texts for a hint. I think we all have to agree that we're here to get a different experience out of the preparation process than other companies are offering. I heard audio osmosis and I was hooked. I want Jordan to come to my medical school acceptance party! - maybe Jon, too. Don't you?
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Default  Re: Xena Xylophone

If you want the cut and dry version, sign up for one of those other MCAT prep classes. The humor and sound effects are there to HELP you remember things and make it less boring so you actually pay attention. If you want straight material presented to you in a no-frills fashion, READ YOUR SCIENCE BOOKS. I LOVE Audio Osmosis and I would (and have) recommend it to any pre-med student. Keep up the good work, guys!!!
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