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Examkrackers LSAT Analytical Reasoning (1st Edition)
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*If you wish to order more than one copy of this book, please give us a call at 1-888-572-2536.*

What's in this book?

  • Explanations of all the Analytical Reasoning concepts tested by the LSAT
  • Expert advice on how to improve your speed, accuracy, and approach to the peculiar brand of logic on the LSAT
  • Eight 25-minute topical exams in the exact LSAT format

Many LSAT preparation books are outdated or contain inaccurate material. Some books discuss question types that have not appeared on the real LSAT in many years. Worse, some books contain example questions that are just plain wrong. This book was developed by a diverse group of LSAT experts with up-to-the-minute knowledge of the test. We reviewed over 5,000 real LSAT questions, then developed a unique system that is simple, powerful, and proven to raise scores. Other books just cause frustration when you realize that their techniques work only some of the time. This book's techniques have been designed to work on every question.

Some LSAT prep books get into deep discussions of the type of formal logic you might study in a university course. Although this looks impressive on the page, it's not what you need to raise your LSAT score. This book teaches you everything you need---and only what you need---to be able to answer every LSAT question. This book doesn't prepare you to be a philosopher, a logician, or a literary critic. But it does give you the tools to unlock the specific types of logic found only on the LSAT.

No other book provides timed mini-exams that reinforce the material found in every chapter. This feature is what has made the Examkrackers classroom courses so effective. These exams cover a manageable amount of new material and allow you to solidify new concepts in your mind, reveal weak areas in your test-taking, and get you thinking LSAT. The explanations are detailed and complete, so you learn not only the correct answer, but also the fastest, most efficient method to find the correct answer and why each incorrect answer is wrong. You can clarify difficult concepts so you don't "practice in" mistakes in your homework.

In addition to hundreds of full-length questions, this book provides dozens of unique drills that isolate specific techniques and concepts. We help you master underlying skills first, then show you how to assemble those skills into a comprehensive approach to the entire test.


ISBN-13: 978-1-893858-51-0

ISBN-10: 1-893858-51-0

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