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Comprehensive CBT Review for the MCAT*
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*All course materials will be shipped out 2 weeks before the course starts. No expedited shipping options will be available.  

*You will be emailed a Student Enrollment & Agreement form once your order has been processed. These forms must be filled out to complete your enrollment process and to receive your materials.

This course is intense. The Comprehensive Review runs for 9 weeks beginning exactly 10 weeks before the MCAT. It covers absolutely everything on the MCAT. It includes four 2-hour classes each week and 8 full length simulated CBT MCATs. Although classes are 2 hours, lectures are only 50 minutes. A class lecture is followed by a 10 minute break, a 30 minute practice exam in the MCAT format, and a complete review of that exam. Compare this to our competitors: 3-hour lectures, little or no in-class testing, and little or no review. Our format will keep you awake, familiarize you with how the MCAT tests the science, and show you the fastest way to get to the answer.

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Product Reviews 
admin  - 6/9/2009 12:41:39 PM

Review received by customer service email on June 5, 2009: I took your course back in, I think, 2005-2006 up by Columbia University. I'm currently finishing my 2nd year of medical school and studying for my first step of the boards (which I take next week). I thought of you guys because I had a question on a board practice exam that required me to know the nonpolar amino acids and to this day, I still use "I saw Lucy methodically probe and feel Alan then Val tripped Lucy Glycine" in my head. I've actually gotten USMLE board questions correct because of your mnemonic. Just wanted to share and say thanks as I'm obviously still benefiting from the course I took with you years ago! I'd beg of you to start teaching a board review course but obviously it's too late for me to sign up for it ;) Hope all is well with the business and you guys are still succeeding! Best, Joanna P.
admin  - 8/7/2008 2:48:59 PM

Review received by customer service email on August 21, 2006: "I used Examkrackers Comprehensive MCAT classroom prep this past summer to prepare for the August MCAT. I wanted to let you know that I found it to be extremely helpful. Specifically, one of our instructors went out of his way to help us and really made a difference. Xiaosong was our physics and chemistry instructor at Boston University and he made it very clear to us that he was dedicated to helping each of us succeed on this exam. His lectures were well organized and interesting. In addition, he held a number of review sessions and offered private tutoring outside of class to all of us at no charge. He also offered to proctor a practice exam at each of the locations that we had been assigned to so that we could be comfortable with the area and the building that we would be taking the actual test in. He stayed late after every class and quickly responded to any questions i sent him via email. I have friends that used other companies and they couldn't believe that Xiaosong was willing to help us as much as he did with preparation. I had taken the MCAT a few years ago and I felt significantly more confident and better prepared going into this exam after using Examkrackers. Xiaosong helped a great deal with that and really went above and beyond to make sure we were ready and confident for this exam." --Michelle K.
admin  - 8/6/2008 2:00:49 PM

Review received by customer service email on April 15, 2008: "Hi, You probably don't remember me but I took your class in Chicago the first year it was offered. I had problems with your instructor from Rush (for the additional sessions before the course began) and you guys dealt with the situation in a manner that I still appreciate 4 yrs later. I speak very highly of your course and your products and have been recommending you to pre-meds ever since. I believe in your approach so much that I had actually spoken with you to teach the course the following year but at that time you had stopped offering it in Chicago. In the past few weeks I have been contacted by several pre-meds who are studying to take the MCAT this year. I came onto your site to see when your next course will be and wanted some more info so I can pass it along. Thanks again and keep up the great work! I credit your course for being a part of getting me into medical school and would definitely opt for your course, CDs, and books if I had to do it all over again." All the best, Sofia A.

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Examkrackers 10th Edition MCAT® Complete Study Package (*Free EK-Exam 4 Included)