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Biol 241, Biol 311, Chem 351
Instructor since 2010
10 prep sessions
427 students helped
2013–presentPrep Instructor, Mechanics 
2013–presentPrep Instructor, Statics
2012–presentTutor, Statics, Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials
2012–13TA, Engineering Mechanics II
2012–13TA, Mechanics of Solids 
2011-13TA Mechanics of Materials 
2011TA, Engineering Economics
2010TA, Engineering Design & Communication 
2012–presentPh.D. [Mechanical Engineering]
2012M.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering]
2009B.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering]
Student evaluations
( 1=Very Poor, 2=Poor, 3=Adequate, 4=Good, 5=Very Good, 6=Excellent )
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
Presentation(presents material in a coherent manner)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
PREPARATION(understanding of course material)
Student satisfaction
very satisfied 31%
satisfied 68%
not satisfied 1%