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KrackU Alumni
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Anna Hayward
star star star star star

This is an underrated resource! The mnemonics and graphics make for great memory hooks not found elsewhere. They cover all the “must-know” topics while still keeping it a manageable amount to learn. They also dive into test taking strategies which I think made the biggest impact in my score. I used ExamKrackers exclusively to study for MCAT and did well enough I’m now an Orthopaedic Surgery resident.

star star star star star

I used Exam Krackers when I prepared for the MCAT, and it allowed me to far and away exceed my own expectations when I scored in the 99th percentile. My MCAT score opened a lot of doors for me and I credit the quality of the study materials from EK. I think so highly of them that I eventually applied to work with them as a writer and still do so today, even as an IM resident at a prestigous program. You won’t regret using these materials!

Ramin Rajaii
star star star star star

ExamKrackers provides an incredible breadth of resources, tools, and lectures to maximize the scores of each student. The new product that just launched is interactive, engaging, and focused. ExamKrackers teaches you just what you need to know to excel – nothing more, nothing less. They don’t inundate you with extraneous, unnecessary information. Highly recommend.

Erica Smearman
star star star star star

I’ve really enjoyed learning from Examkrackers and also have taught for them for a number of years since starting my MD/PhD training. The Examkrackers books have great illustrations and include a helpful review of important topics. Being a visual learner (which fits well for loving biology), I found their books to be a nice fit for my style of learning, and still have their images come to mind when thinking about certain topics. The question books are helpful practice as well and get you used to doing ‘MCAT style’ passages. After taking the practice tests, the instructors help walk you through the passages and the correct/incorrect answers.

Andrew Wang
star star star star star

I used a number of the examkrackers books and practice tests while applying to medical school. While I used a mix of different materials, including some of the most commonly used and recommended resources out there, I found that the EK books were among the most helpful for content review (never took physiology in undergrad) and their practice tests the most representative of the type of question in the MCAT. Ended up scoring well above the 90th percentile and getting in to med school just fine!

Will Hoffert
star star star star star

I used ExamKrackers materials extensively when I was studying for the MCAT, and the materials worked brilliantly. I loved how EK materials pare down the fluff you see in other materials and give you the distilled essence of what you need to know. But it’s not like they miss out on information you see in books from the other materials, they’re just more efficient in relaying the information and they’re focused on test taking strategies. The questions they write are also very well written and their answers help you learn how to answer questions, instead of just telling you the answer.

Scott Halperin
star star star star star

My name is Scott Halperin and I am a 4th year medical student at Yale. When I took the MCAT I used ExamKrackers for tutoring and was very grateful for my experience. I then tutored for ExamKrackers for about 2 years.

Teebro Rahman
star star star star star

Absolutely great company! With the help of their books I managed to score in the 95% percentile on my MCAT and was able to get into the medical school of my dreams. Their content is both super easy to break down and understand and the class schedule is doable with a job and classes.

Kelly Kirkpatrick
star star star star star

I used Examkrackers self-guided course back when it was just a set of books. I hadn’t yet taken Physics 2 in college and was running out of time to take the MCAT. My practice test scores were low and I needed help. EK taught me exactly what I needed to know, not just about the material but also techniques for taking the MCAT. I scored in the 96th percentile for that year and successfully applied to medical school. I recommend EK to everyone! Thank you guys!!

Katerina Pavlidis
star star star star star

I have experience with examkrackers materials for both SAT and, more recently, the MCAT. Their workbooks are really helpful and have reasonable pacing with tons of examples that are very similar to the actual test. My practice scores went up significantly after working with EK, especially for the price I would recommend to students looking to improve their scores before trying more expensive options

star star star star star

I didn’t do well my first MCAT attempt so for my second try I opted to work with examkrackers. The classes were crucial to guarantee that I had the mentoring, guidance, and structure to succeed. I was able to improve the second time enough to enroll at a top 5 medical school and now work as an emergency medicine physician! Thanks Examkrackers for being there at such a crucial period in my pre-med journey. Would recommend to others!

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