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(7th Edition) Examkrackers MCAT Organic Chemistry
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148 pages covering all topics in MCAT organic chemistry, index, color illustrations, four 30-minute MCAT practice exams with answers and explanations (92 questions), 96 additional MCAT practice questions also with answers and explanations, 48 full color flashcards covering nmr and all important reactions.

This book covers all the organic chemistry tested by the MCAT. The book is divided into four topics. Each topic has a thirty-minute MCAT practice exam. The exams are MCAT-accurate down to the font. Each exam is accompanied by answers and explanations which include instructions on how to answer specific questions more quickly and accurately. The book is perfect bound, printed on top quality paper in full color, and has a laminated color cover. It is the same book used in the EXAMKRACKERS MCAT preparation course. It is more MCAT-accurate, more thorough, and more conceptual than any other MCAT prep book on the market.

Note: This book is short because it is accurate. The most common misconception concerning MCAT content is the depth of organic chemistry tested. It is vital that the test taker know exactly what depth of knowledge is required. Any other MCAT prep books and courses that we have seen, go far beyond what is required by the MCAT in organic chemistry. As a result, students are confounded and confused by orgo on the MCAT; they are easily mislead into searching for the difficult solution to the superficial, but well-disguised, question. Like all our other books, this book covers all the organic chemistry tested by the MCAT plus a little extra background knowledge.

*This book is included in our (7th Edition) Examkrackers Complete MCAT Study Package.*

ISBN-13: 978-1-893858-46-6

ISBN-10: 1-893858-46-4 

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Product Reviews 
admin  - 8/13/2012 10:53:50 AM

Review received by customer service email on October 13, 2010: Hi There! I just wanted to send a note along to thank you all for such wonderful exam prep. I just received my scores from the MCAT, and I made a 37Q without even having taken organic chemistry. All I did to study was 9 weeks of EK books, nothing more. I am overwhelmed by the success, and blown away by the effectiveness of the EK study method. Thanks for helping make my dreams come true! -Chris W.
admin  - 8/13/2012 10:47:37 AM

Review received by customer service email on August 22, 2011: I just wanted to let you know that after using Exam Krackers I improved my MCAT score from a 31 to a 40, inlcuding increasing my physical sciences score from a 9 to a 14. Before my first MCAT I took a Kaplan MCAT course. Their strategies did not work for me at all and their study materials were often too dense and convoluted. Exam Krackers materials, by contrast, were extremely efficient and gave me just the information I needed to ace the test. I will not let any of friends ever use Kaplan again while Exam Krackers is still around. Thank you. -Daniel K.
admin  - 9/10/2009 12:50:54 PM

Review received by customer service email on September 10, 2009: Thank you so much for your books and audio osmosis. Your verbal technique is amazing, I wish I had known it for my SATs. I'm glad you guys go over only what is needed and none of that extra stuff that the other companies try to teach. Also your books are thin and colorful which I'm much more likely to pick up and read rather than the huge, newspaper looking things that the other companies have. Anyways keep doing what your doing. I owe you guys! So my score...40! I was pretty excited! Thanks again!!! Forever a loyal fan... and I recommend it to everyone I know] Qinshi P.
admin  - 8/7/2008 2:35:22 PM

Review received by customer service email on June 17, 2008: "I just had to thank you all. I am 43 years old. I have been out of school for the past 20 Years, but I have had a dream to be a Doctor in the 3rd world like some of my friends in Uganda. At Thanksgiving I decided that i was going to do the MCAT with the help of Examkrackers. I went Through your books twice and finished 70% of the 1001 questions in Biology. On May 10th I took the MCAT. I can't tell you how nervous I felt and how I prayed during the test. I received my grade last week and I received a 31. PS 10, V 11 and B 10. I can't thank you all enough. You guys are awesome!" Best regards, Kevin H.

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