Thank you for considering being part of this project.

The project itself promises to be a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. You will be on camera in front of thousands of people, so if that scares you, don’t apply. It will require high energy to reach out and grab your audience. You will need to be familiar with MCAT science, but it doesn’t matter what you scored on the exam.

The compensation will be generous and flexible. It will likely pay far more than an MCAT instructor job: an entirely different league of compensation. This is a temporary full-time job that could turn into more or not. That is up to you. It will require you to relocate, at least temporarily. You will be quasi-celebrated, so don’t apply if you don’t want to be recognized.

You must be fully committed. This will be your life for a term of a few months.

You must be apolitical in your public life. Whatever your politics, you will sign a contract to keep them private during the project and long after the project is over.

The job will require a great attitude; you will be required to enjoy what you are doing.

Don’t submit an application unless you agree to these terms.

Thank you for considering these things carefully,

Jonathan Orsay

EK Recruiting

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