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How do I get a great MCAT score?

Preparation is the name of the game for achieving a great MCAT score.

Studying the material covered in the MCAT exam is a top priority. There’s no substitute for the familiarity that effective studying and preparation provides. Live and on-demand MCAT classes and self-led content reviews can both support higher achievement. 

But with the help of an MCAT Coach, you can pinpoint your weaknesses and address them. Based on practice tests, MCAT performance coaches can adjust your practice strategy to help you achieve your target score.

What do I gain from MCAT Performance Coaching?

MCAT Performance Coaching offers personalized strategies to help you achieve your target score and ensure your review and study efforts are as effective as possible.

An experienced MCAT Performance Coach will meet with you one-on-one in a series of sessions to adjust your study schedule strategy based on practice exam performance, schedule, and other key factors. 

When should I register to take the official MCAT?

There are two major considerations to make when choosing to register for the MCAT, assuming you’ve completed the related prerequisite courses (which are General Biology I, General Chemistry I, Physics, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry) and are ready to start applying to medical school:

  • You need to have enough time to study and prepare: Give yourself at least 9-12 weeks of hyper-focus with no external distractions (no parties, lowered work hours and class credits) between registering and your test date. You will be better prepared with more time.
  • You need to make sure your scores will be available to you when you begin your medical school application process. Scores usually take about 5-6 weeks to be released following the exam. It’s important to register for your MCAT exam as soon as the AAMC releases the MCAT exam schedule. Seats are reserved fast.
When should I take an MCAT course?

You should schedule MCAT courses, tutoring sessions, and Performance Coaching as soon as you begin preparing for the MCAT exam. The best MCAT results will happen when you take the official MCAT immediately after MCAT prep.

How long should the average MCAT Prep be?

Examkrackers recommends 9-12 weeks of consistent MCAT Prep, with scheduled, timed, full Length MCAT Practice Exams, content review and passage practice. Examkrackers is set apart because we do not recommend 6 month long study sessions, as this increases the chances of burnout.

How long should an MCAT study session be?

Shorter study sessions over a longer period of time can help to divide the intensive effort required and reduce burnout. We recommend students take active breaks every 50 minutes and avoid 5-8 hour study sessions, unless taking a full length MCAT practice exam.

What prerequisites should I take before taking MCAT Prep?

Examkrackers recommends that students take the following classes separate from and before MCAT prep: 

  • General Biology I
  • Biochemistry
  • General Chemistry I
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Organic Chemistry I

 Make sure to review the prerequisites for the medical program or Medical Schools you wish to apply to. In general we’ve found that top tier Medical Schools look fondly on Molecular Biology, Genetics and more upper division courses but these are not needed for the MCAT.


When is the best time to take a Full Length MCAT Practice exam?

It’s important to take a Full Length MCAT Practice Exam as soon as you begin MCAT Prep in order to gage your baseline score. You can review the results of your first full length MCAT exam in a free session with our MCAT Performance Coaching. 

Examkrackers provides both full-length MCAT practice exams and practice CARS section exams to help you prepare. Combining practice exams with our Performance Coaching can help you refine your study schedule and target the most relevant areas for improvement. 

Examkrackers MCAT Performance Coach can identify your unique needs such as learning gaps with MCAT content or specialized passage practice.

How do I work with an MCAT Performance Coach?

You can schedule one free session with an Examkrackers MCAT Performance Coach today, here.

Your Performance Coach will build a strategy based on factors like practice test performance and schedule availability, then tweak that plan as new information emerges. There is no limit on the number of meetings you can schedule in MCAT On-Demand or Live Online.

Does Examkrackers cover high yield MCAT content?

Yes, our study materials and lectures focus on high-yield MCAT concepts to support achieving your target score. High-yield MCAT content is content that is more likely to appear throughout the exam, so focusing on it is a good use of your study time. An emphasis on high-yield material can help you earn your target score.

However, what we’ve found that focusing on the sections that you as an individual can increase your score yields even more results. We provide this with MCAT Performance Coaching.

How are quality lectures maintained in your live MCAT course?

At Examkrackers, we carefully vet all potential MCAT course instructors. We select only those who have both a comprehensive understanding of the material and can reliably and dynamically engage students during course sessions. 

In addition throughout your course we regularly check-in personally with our students to ensure that live lectures are satisfactory and ask for instructor evaluations periodically to ensure course quality.

We’ll also provide supplemental material, including recorded lectures and more than 600 MCAT Content Videos, to encourage further development as a student. And your Performance Coach will continue to tailor your study plan to your goals, needs, and target score.

What MCAT materials do I need to take an Examkrackers MCAT Course?

When you take an Examkrackers MCAT Course, you’ll receive access to everything you need to excel at the MCAT, including Full Length Practice Exams, content videos and recorded lectures. No outside resources are necessary to take our MCAT Course and succeed. 

You will also receive a full set of physical textbooks, which some of the nation’s top universities use, known as the Examkrackers Complete MCAT Study Package. 

With these materials, you’ll be ready to start your MCAT course. 

How do I apply to be an MCAT instructor?

To apply to become an MCAT instructor, complete these steps: [TKTK] 

Please email your resume, MCAT score and availability to [email protected]

How do I get a Payment Plan for MCAT Prep?

Examkrackers currently offers payment plans through PayPal and the option to reserve your seat with our deposit button at check-out, followed by an equally split weekly payment plan worked out on your schedule before the third week of your MCAT course.

How do I speak to Customer Support at Examkrackers?

Getting in touch with the customer support specialists at Examkrackers is simple. You can reach us through email at [email protected] or over the phone at 1-859-305-6568.

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