Great MCAT Prep is our job, not yours.

We've solved what's wrong with MCAT Prep.

The issue with MCAT Prep today is that the burden is placed on the student to figure out the fastest way to get a high MCAT score, while they’re charged too much money. Most students who find out about Examkrackers have already left a previous MCAT course incomplete due to student burnout.

Student burnout is caused by overkill study plans or not starting at all because of paralyzing anxiety. This makes the Premed path more difficult because retaking the MCAT lowers their confidence in their ability to reach their target score.

This is not the student’s fault.

MCAT Prep companies have the responsibility to prevent student burnout. If the student is given an easy-to-follow MCAT plan, and commits to it, they should reach their target score.

Not all MCAT schedules lead to high scores.

One size MCAT prep doesn’t fit all students, however we’ve tested what works and what doesn’t. There are monthly MCAT schedules that are too long and too short, too much work all at once and not enough work at all. It’s pointless for an MCAT plan to be flexible if it doesn’t produce results.

We free up our student’s time with more concise yet effective study sessions, because leaving a student to stress over how many hours they should study is walking away from the job.

Each 50 minute MCAT lecture in any of our programs is followed by a 30 minute exam and an in-depth, instructor-led, review of the correct and incorrect answers for each question. This testing makes learning content easy.

Uninteresting lessons cause student burnout.

The worst thing that can happen to a student who is eager to learn is having an instructor who is not enthusiastic to teach. Most science textbooks are too verbose to read like a novel. Most online science lectures are too dry to enjoy like a movie. We can’t expect students to learn science for a 7.5 hour MCAT if they’re falling asleep.

We train our instructors to let loose in the fun spirit of our books. They keep our students engaged by taking active breaks and encouraging face-to-face conversation. Peer work brings the friendly in-person classroom online and our students learn their MCAT skills hands-on.

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Our new MCAT Strategy Book includes the test prep strategy Premeds need to understand what to study and how to study. Learn how to setup an MCAT plan that yields high scores, how to avoid student burnout, how to practice the smart way and much more using our free guide.

In addition at the end of the book we’ll provide our Free Home Study Schedule that will lay out how to spend your time during MCAT plan, day by day, page by page. Answer our questions below and we’ll send you our Free MCAT Strategy Book PLUS a Free Strategy Session with an MCAT Performance Coach.

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Our students don't go it alone.

Many of our students have registered in other courses before, where shortly after the credit card transaction they’re left to figure out what to do with their MCAT materials on their own.

We call this phenomena, “being left to float”.

Someone has thrown you a life jacket but driven off with the rescue boat. How are you going to reach your destination now?

It’s impossible to drift alone when working with an MCAT Performance Coach. Every Full Length MCAT Practice Exam in our programs is followed up by a strategy session according to your test data and experience.

Similar to how an athlete keeps a training log, we take into account our student’s disruptive life events, anxiety and margin for score increase through conversation.

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