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Not Just an MCAT Course

It’s a Learning Control Center

KrackU is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Interactive software makes your learning rapid, efficient, and long-lasting. Your resources are well-organized on a single screen. You view each concept from different angles. Memorable animations and images reinforce what you’ve learned.

Learn better, stronger, faster with KrackU.


Content in Greater Depth

You will Appreciate the Difference

The MCAT is mostly basic science hidden in a quagmire of esoteric theory and jargon. Only one company equips you with academic boots tall enough to wade in and come out cleanly with the facts you need. Examkrackers invites you to strap on those boots and get started. After KrackU, don’t be surprised when you find yourself a step ahead of your friends who took Kaplan.


Video Shorts

Master Series by Jon Orsay

Short videos (about 5 minutes) allow you to focus without becoming lecture-fatigued. You tackle the entire MCAT one small piece at a time. Before you know it, you’re done. All science videos are taught by legendary MCAT expert and best-selling author Jon Orsay. Jon has the years of experience to guide you through the morass of technical minutiae that characterize the real MCAT.


A Study Plan that Works

Work Smarter; Finish Stronger

It has been proven time and again that brief, intense prep produces the best MCAT score. KrackU is designed to be completed in just 90 days, time enough to learn everything you need but not so long that you can’t retain the details. Don’t worry; additional time is extremely affordable. When you join the KrackU community, we are here to support you. Your success is our success.


Games and Extras

Features that Keep You Motivated

We won’t sugarcoat it; studying for the MCAT is an ordeal. But KrackU keeps you engaged by presenting each concept from multiple perspectives. Clear direct prose, expandable content, videos, full-length practice MCATs, mini-MCATs, content questions, humorous mnemonics, flashcards, notes, and games carry you toward the ultimate MCAT success.


10 Full-length MCAT Exams

With Detailed Diagnostics

KrackU provides 10 Full-length MCATs, a dozen 90-minute sectional exams, and dozens of 30-minute miniMCATs; all with complete explanations and detailed diagnostics to analyze your performance and improve your MCAT score.

In addition to all our practice MCATs, we suggest that you take the AAMC practice MCATs.


AAMC Checklist

Track Your Progress

American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) releases a list of concepts tested by the MCAT. Our AAMC checklist is automated to track which of these concepts you have studied. Additionally, you can check-off concepts manually to confirm your mastery. At a glance, you’ll see which topics need attention. KrackU lets you know for certain that you have covered all concepts tested by the MCAT.


Content Questions

Inculcate the Concepts

Content questions get straight to the point. They test your science knowledge without the obfuscation contained in MCAT questions.

In KrackU, every section of every chapter of every online book includes concise multiple-choice questions that test your understanding of what you just read. Thousands of content questions ensure that you will recall the details on MCAT day.


TMI Tabs

The Background You Need

MCAT passages often discuss concepts beyond the science that the MCAT actually tests. TMI Tabs provide the helpful background knowledge to navigate passages without being distracted by MCAT misdirection. TMI allows you to read an MCAT passage and say to yourself, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen this before.” TMI tabs gives you the confidence to be comfortable in the MCAT mayhem.


Clinical Context

Science in an MCAT Setting

Clinical context takes the science you’ve learned and places it into a clinical or research environment like you will see it on the MCAT or as a medical doctor. Seeing the science in a new context improves recall and helps you understand it better. Seeing the science in the MCAT environment helps you become a master at MCAT.



A Review at a Glance

KrackU Flashcards offer an effective method of additional study. They provide an alternative means to absorb the material, which leads to better recall and a higher MCAT score for you.

You can organize your cards by concept, chapter, book, or by the entire course. KrackU flashcards are built on the scientifically proven Leitner algorithm.


Humorous Mnemonics

When You Laugh, You Learn

We may sometimes be funny, but we are dead serious about the MCAT. Our mascot Salty, a cartoon cracker, is your peer resource. He has the knack for making complex concepts clear and easy-to-remember.

Humor can be a powerful tool.


Personal Note-taking

Organize Your Study

Taking your own notes keeps you engaged, making your study more efficient. KrackU gives you the option to pin notes to any paragraph or to organize your notes on a series of notepads, one for each section. Make each KrackU book your own with this customization tool.


Your Highlights or Ours

Shorten Your Study Time

You can highlight your KrackU book with multiple colors for efficient rereading. If you prefer, we have also highlighted the entire book for you. Our highlights offer a method for rapid review 5 minutes before a class or when you’re between bus stops.


3,000+ Images & Animations

Each Image Worth 1000 Words

Innovative visuals and engaging animations make abstract concepts clear and simple. Our images and animations have been carefully crafted for ultimate pedagogic effectiveness. A well-constructed image can make the difference between understanding a concept and not. Our images ensure your understanding of the concepts.


Glossary and Index

Definitions at Your Fingertips

Streamline your workflow and broaden your understanding with easy-to-find index resources. The ability to quickly locate and cross-reference terms and concepts is essential to your absorption of complex science material. Time is precious when studying for your MCAT. Don’t waste it searching.


Responsible Pricing

You Deserve a Fair Price

In the past, giant corporations have dominated the MCAT market, driving prices upward. NO MORE! KrackU is a new product for a post-covid world. At last, someone has “kracked” the dominant pricing paradigm by offering a complete MCAT prep course at a responsible price.

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