Interactive Display

KrackU is more than just text. Write notes right on the page, make your own highlights or use ours, and test your comprehension with our Content Questions (CQs) and our 30-minute long MCAT-style chapter tests. You can learn exactly what you need to know for the MCAT with our short and concise text or you can dive in deeper with Too-much Information (TMI), Clinical Context (CC), or maximizing the images for additional information. KrackU will even check to make sure you review every single bullet point from the AAMC checklist.

More than just text.

Learn with Minigames

Learn your amino acids and other organic molecules with interactive games. Play some of the most addicting games from your childhood but repurposed to help you cement vitally important information. Who says MCAT Prep can’t be fun?

Help cement important structures with interactive games.

Huge Video Library

Why only read when you can also see and hear? KrackU has hundreds of short videos integrated with the text to help you understand the material and ensure you go into your MCAT prepared. You can view these videos alongside the text or access them in our video page. Just be sure to rate them as you go so we can continuously improve.

Supplement your reading with our video mini-lectures.

MCAT Test Diagnostics

Optimize your test performance with our diagnostic tools. For every exam you take, you will be able to identify the time you spent reading each passage, the time you spent working each passage, and compare how you performed against the average person. Using these tools, you will be able to pinpoint exactly what areas you need to improve upon so they will not be able to weigh you down on test day.

Our Diagnostic tools evaluate your performance on each test.

Comprehensive Flashcards

At Examkrackers, we do flashcards a little differently. Our flashcards are not just matching a definition to a term (that is the job of the glossary) nor do we write them as questions/answers (that is the job of the content questions). Our flashcards are comprehensive summaries of each important concept. These are resources you will want to print out and use for your schoolwork, too.

Our comprehensive flashcards provide you all the information you need to know for a given topic.