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Krack University is the most comprehensive online MCAT prep course on the market and has everything you need to prepare for the test and get your highest score.

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Seven unique ways to make your learning more effective.

At Examkrackers, we believe the most effective way to learn is to use a variety of study methods. Krack University offers 7 different ways to engage with the content and cement your knowledge.

  • 7 online books
  • 400 video lectures
  • Nearly 100 MCAT practice exams
  • 3,000 content questions
  • 1,000+ Flashcards
  • 3 Games
  • 6 days / week live tutoring (included!)

Practice exams that look and feel exactly like a real MCAT.

Most MCAT prep course companies have practice exams, but they often don’t look or feel like the real deal. Krack University includes 78 practice exams, all designed to mimic the real MCAT.

10 full-length practice exams

Test your ability to complete a full MCAT in the given amount of time to make sure you’re prepared for the real thing on test day.

24 section-specific practice exams

Focus on your weak areas with CARS, Biology & BioChemistry, Chemistry & Physics, and Psychology & Sociology specific practice exams.

44 chapter review exams

As you read the books and watch the video lectures, test your knowledge of each chapter to achieve mastery of the material.

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Everything you'll be tested on, plus extras to make it stick.

Krack University covers everything you’ll be tested on when you take the MCAT. Unfamiliar with a certain concept? We provide optional deep-dives that let you hone your knowledge. Don’t worry about missing out on info from other sources, or worse, wasting effort to learn what you don’t need to get your best and highest MCAT score.

Krack University was created by Jon Orsay, author of the bestselling Examkrackers MCAT prep books, and an MCAT expert with more than 20 years of experience taking, teaching, and writing about the MCAT.

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3,000+ detailed diagrams, images, and animations.

Innovative visuals and engaging animations make abstract concepts clear and simple. Our images and animations have been carefully crafted for ultimate pedagogic effectiveness. A well-constructed image can make the difference between understanding a concept and not. Our images ensure your understanding of the concepts.

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A customizable calendar to keep you accountable and focused.

After decades of helping students pass the MCAT, we know that success often comes down to organization and momentum. Let Examkrackers help you keep that study streak with a customized calendar created just for your schedule needs, and reinforced with analytics and stats about your progress. Available as part of any KrackU plan.

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Get access to everything in KrackU for a fraction of the cost of other MCAT prep courses.

While other MCAT test prep companies sell similar courses for $1,000, $2,000, or even $3,000, you can get 90 days of all inclusive access to KrackU for just $495.

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Free, live tutoring included 6 days a week, no extra cost.

When you sign up for KrackU, you’ll have access to office hours. Our live MCAT instructors are available to answer all your questions on a face-to-face zoom call at no extra cost to you. Instructors are available 6 days a week so you can always get help when you need it.

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