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Simple & Clear Science

You shouldn't struggle to read fancy language when you already have to focus on the MCAT. Our doctors wrote our books to be as straight forward as possible.

Just Plain Funny

You won't fall asleep while studying ever again. Our cartoon cracker, Salty, will make sure you laugh as he cracks jokes in every chapter to shake you awake.

Two Voices on Every Page

You may have found that the same study method doesn't work for all subjects. Our books are written with a Dual Voice: teaching you what to study, and how to study.

Teaches the MCAT Research Style

Learning content alone won't improve your MCAT score. We teach you how the research passages will be written in each subject and how to practice them.

Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Guide

You’ll be surprised to learn that the MCAT is testing basic science from your college classes. It doesn’t test how much you know, but how well you can answer what the author is asking. Our books are designed to make learning content easy and fast for you, so you can focus on how the passages will be written.

Examkrackers 101 MCAT Passages Workbooks

After your MCAT Practice Exam you’ll discover that your weakest MCAT sections hold you back. To improve your score, our workbooks teach you exactly how the passages in that subject will be crafted and the test-taking tactics that work best for each concept, so you can improve your skills such as speed in CARS.

Examkrackers 1001 MCAT Questions Workbooks 
Your college classes likely did not provide enough practice problems in every section for you to feel confident with all the MCAT stand-alone questions. Our 1001 MCAT Questions Workbooks are for you to drill problems only in the concepts you will see on the MCAT, so you don’t have to waste time going back to class and restudying.
Where our authors scored on the MCAT

MCAT Complete Study Guide

As a future doctor you’ll interact with patients, learn about their stories and then use your critical thinking skills to create a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Your MCAT is designed to foreshadow your future doctor experience, which is why it is not a test of how much you know, but how to apply your knowledge in response to different research passages.

Our MCAT Complete Study Guide not only teaches you all the MCAT content and how to be prepared for these intimidating research style passages, but also builds your interdisciplinary skills by showing you how different MCAT subjects, such as Chemistry and Psychology, may be connected in an MCAT passage. This is critical for avoiding surprises during the exam.

#1 MCAT Prep Book Set Available

Innovative Approach that Works

After working hard in your pre-requisite college classes for the MCAT, you’re likely aspiring for a high 512-527 MCAT score. In order to send in these scores to your dream Medical School, you’ll want to be effortlessly familiar with how Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Psychology & Sociology will each be tested on the MCAT.

Choose one of our book sets below to begin this amazing journey.

Also comes with a FREE MCAT practice exam.

101 MCAT Passages Workbooks

During your MCAT Prep there’s going to be a subject that you feel is holding you back from your goal score. This could be a class you didn’t do well in or a section on your full length practice exams that you consistently get the lowest score in.

It’s important that you do not ignore your weak MCAT sections to focus on your stronger sections, but instead face your toughest subjects head on because your lowest scoring section has the greatest margin for score increase.

By using our 101 Passages Workbooks, you will get repeated exposure to the many different contexts the passages in your weakest subjects will be framed on the MCAT, until you are never surprised by what the author may be asking you and correctly answer their questions effortlessly.

A Total Blueprint to MCAT Passages that Will Ensure Your Score Increases

The Perfect Additional Practice to Our Complete MCAT Study Guide

Defeat your weakest sections whether they’re in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, CARS, Physics, Psychology and Sociology.

Begin by choosing your worst scoring subject!

1001 MCAT Questions Workbooks

Some college classes, especially in the hard sciences such as Physics and Chemistry, did not leave you feeling confident at quickly solving problems.

You could retake the entire class, but how much time would you waste separating what’s tested on the MCAT from what’s not tested on the MCAT?

It’s important to zero-in on the stand-alone science problems that make you pause in the middle of your MCAT, so that you never waste precious minutes during a section and can move along quickly. After practicing with our 1001 MCAT Questions Workbooks these questions will no longer intimidate you and will be like picking off easy points as you coast through your MCAT.

Targeted Content in Physics and Chemistry

Stand-Alone Questions for Repetitive Practice

Don’t allow intimidating Physics and Chemistry problems to debilitate you on the MCAT when you’re destined to become a doctor, use our 1001 Workbooks to attack these fears and raise your overall score on these sections.

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“Thank you so much for the fantastic MCAT review package and practice test series you put together. Using the home study schedule you offer with your material review book set and practice exams I was able to score in the 99th percentile! The guidance I received from this company for my MCAT preparation played a crucial role in my success. Keep up the great work.”

Self-Study Ultimate
May 17, 2018

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June 6, 2018

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