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You like MCAT class at home, on your bed, in your pajamas, relaxed after a long day of work, where nobody else can see you. Our online instructors are driven, craft beautiful presentations and are funny, so they can inspire you and make you laugh. Every class you attend will have two instructors for you: one to teach you and another to answer your individual questions so you can continuously work together towards your goal score.

You are human. You will burnout while studying for the MCAT if you study for six hours on a Sunday afternoon, stretch your MCAT plan out for six months for no reason or sit still through two hours of a boring lecture every class. Burnout prevents your score from consistently increasing over time.

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Just because you want to enrich your life with a science class, doesn’t mean you have to pay for an obligatory headache. In Examkrackers MCAT classes we stop our lectures after 50 minutes on purpose and train our instructors to keep students engaged.

Every short and painless lecture you sit for will be followed by a short exam and an active break, whereafter our instructor will review every possible correct and incorrect answer, and the thinking you used to arrive to those answers. Not only will you enjoy going to MCAT class, you will set yourself dozens of points apart from other test takers as you learn to think like the MCAT.

You know how exhausting burnout feels. Train for the MCAT at the highest level without the burnout by signing up for our class below.

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We know how you’re feeling.

You will never worry about knowing too little or too much for the MCAT in our class. Our textbooks and instructors teach you what to study and how to practice what you’ve studied. You will remember all the content and know how to apply that knowledge to the passages.
Your instructors want to ease your anxiety. They are a diverse group, who have all personally scored in the top 5% of MCAT takers in the United States. They have been major switches, dual post-grad degrees, and have faced adversity where others doubted them. They will show you how to push through your MCAT journey.
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Your MCAT Strategy Coach knows you are nervous before a Full Length Practice MCAT exam, so they monitor your score increase on our course’s synchronized schedule and consistently reach out for check-in’s to both motivate you and adjust your study plan.

Begin talking to an MCAT Strategy Coach RIGHT NOW by jumping on the chat with us!

Study smarter, not harder

How to Retain MCAT Content in 3 Steps:


Do you ever blank out after lecture? You can get the most out of your MCAT lecture by minimizing your note taking and actively listening with the intention to only ask questions when you truly don't understand what the instructor said. Since you will be actively engaged, our instructors only cover the content that you have read for your class. This includes omitting all non-MCAT science and never going more in-depth than the MCAT will test you. This maximizes your attention span and allows you to concentrate only on what you need to know.


Have you ever wanted to put off a science quiz because you felt hadn't read enough? Practice is the key to increasing your score over time. Regardless of how low your test scores return from forgetting the facts you will see a gradual trend upward in your score by taking quizzes in our classes over and over again. It's only through repeated exposure to quizzes that knowing MCAT content becomes second nature.


Have you ever been given a grade on an important exam but your professor didn't go over the answers with the class? It's actually pointless to take a test if you don't look at both the questions you got right and the questions you got wrong, especially if you're taking another test exactly like it a week later. The sooner you can review the train of thought you had that led you to the correct or incorrect answers, the more likely you can reinforce your memory for the next test. Our instructor's final review is vital to completing your lecture.

How much does an MCAT Class save you?

Our Online MCAT Class

Being disorganized can cost you thousands. Our MCAT Class monitors your score, prevents burnout and provides multiple instructors and an MCAT Strategy Coach that will save you money on piled up MCAT materials and the cost the of a semester of college if your GPA begins competing with your homemade MCAT schedule.

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If you reserve your seat in one of our classes early, you automatically get a $250 discount off the class price!

Active Military Members, First Responders and their dependents, we salute you! Please write to us in the chat for more information on our Military Discount.

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We know Premeds struggle financially and we want to give back by bringing quality MCAT Prep to as many Premeds as possible. If you find an MCAT Course of similar quality to one of ours, please bring us the offer in writing to our chat and we will match that price.

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