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MCAT Books & Manuals

Effective tools for preparing for the MCAT

Welcome to the Examkrackers suite of MCAT prep manuals and workbooks! Our materials are written by top scoring MCAT test takers, medical students, and doctors and trusted by universities around the country.

We approach the MCAT exam in a unique and impactful way. Our goal is to help you learn the content for the exam and train you to think in the style of the MCAT.

Using our MCAT prep materials will help you tackle the most challenging and unexpected problems on test day. Unlike other test prep companies, we focus on strengthening your foundational scientific knowledge and research-oriented critical thinking skills.

The MCAT is designed to test your knowledge that is immediately relevant to medical school and clinical medicine. Our team of top medical students and doctors have written our material to help prepare you for this.

Our manuals are designed to complement one another. We strengthen your foundational knowledge with a Complete Study Guide that includes true-to-life simulated practice passages.

The 101 Workbook series builds on the critical thinking and reasoning skills taught by the Complete Study Guide and the 1001 Workbook series provides targeted practice on traditionally challenging topics and concepts.

Complete Study Guide (10th edition)

Our Complete Study Guide is #1 resource for preparing for the MCAT.

Instead of asking you to memorize facts, we frame the information in a medically-related manner that integrates reading comprehension, biology, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, psychology and sociology.

Think about it like this.

As a doctor, you interact with patients, learn about their stories, then use critical thinking to create a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Memorizing what’s on the MCAT just to get a good score on the test isn’t going to help you be a better doctor.

Within the 6 book comprehensive set we strengthen your foundations in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and physics and teach you how to critically read and interpret persuasive arguments.

Learning to spot the strengths and weaknesses of academic writing, as well as reasoning beyond the text, are crucial for MCAT prep and scoring well on the exam.

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101 Passages Workbooks

Examkrackers’ 101 passage based workbooks in Biology 1 Molecules: Biochemistry, Biology 2 Systems, Chemistry: General and Organic Chemistry, Critical Analysis and Reasoning, Physics, and Psychology & Sociology are your bread and butter MCAT practice. Each manual is divided into sections that mirror the teaching inherent to the Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Guide manuals. We build upon the skills you learned in our didactic books to hone your sense of critical reading and analysis across all disciplines.

The MCAT requires you to understand how to determine strength of evidence, whether an author has a biased or unbiased point of view, and how to find the “takeaway message” from complex writing. We teach you the necessary skills to dissect and answer these questions in our Complete Study Guide, and we provide additional practice for you to sharpen your scalpel in our 101 workbook on Critical Analysis and Reasoning. The MCAT also emphasizes rationalizing and understanding scientific principles, including experimental design and interpretation. However, college and university classes often do not stress these important skills. We teach various techniques and methods of analysis in our Complete Study Guide manuals and further emphasize experimental design, interpretation, and analysis on our Biology 1 Molecules: Biochemistry, Biology 2 Systems, Chemistry: General & Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology & Sociology 101 workbooks. Our passages and questions are representative of the MCAT, and our focus is on providing clear and educational answer explanations that help you learn from each passage and question.

1001 Questions Workbooks

Whenever you’ve studied a tough subject in the past, have you ever thought, “I wish there were 5 more questions on this topic.” Well, so have we. As top scorers on the MCAT, current medical students, and doctors, we recognize that some topics are tougher to wrap our heads around than others. That’s why we have created the 1001 workbooks. While our 101 workbook series is designed to closely simulate the look and feel of the exam, our 1001 workbooks are designed to give you targeted practice on every single content area covered. Similar to our 101 workbook series, we have also paired the 1001 workbook series with the chapters in the Complete Study Guide manuals. Our in-chapter problems in the Complete Study Guide allow you to double check your knowledge and understanding of a given content area. Our 1001 workbooks expand upon this double check to give you additional practice materials to verify that your content base is strong.

In addition to our 1001 workbooks simulating stand-alone questions, we have also designed our 1001 workbook questions to reflect questions that are medically relevant. Because our writers see patients on nearly a day-to-day basis, we are uniquely positioned to help you understand the context in which the MCAT will test you on chemistry and physics. Use our 1001 workbooks to fortify your scientific knowledge and strengthen areas that have traditionally challenged even the most prepared of MCAT test takers.

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