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MCAT Classes

In-Person across 30 campuses or live online. It's up to you.

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress.”
- Frederick Douglass


We understand that the typical Pre Med’s journey is one filled with uphill physical science requirements, back-to-back study groups and plenty of sleepless nights. That’s why we’ve developed a format to teach you how to take the MCAT® correctly the first time around.

Our MCAT® Prep Class is designed with our proven study method of lecture ➝ test ➝ review. Currently no other test prep company on the market tests every lecture and reviews every exam. This is a comprehensive review - we review your correct and incorrect answers because there are other aspects of your test taking that may be improved, such as timing. This maximizes your weaknesses and maximizes your strengths. 

Our Curriculum

We incorporate two voices when we teach, what to study and how to approach the material. We teach students how to think MCAT®, ensuring that they walk out of their prep truly understanding the material that is on the exam and how to apply it. Our goal is for you to spend less time worrying if you’re studying correctly, and more time improving your score to get into the best medical schools.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are highly vetted and score in the top 10-15% of the real MCAT®. Then they’re trained how to exercise a student’s critical thinking skills and pre-medical knowledge. All classes are monitored to maintain a high quality environment and all instructors are held accountable. 

Our Class Schedules

Our class sessions are broken up into time frames that prevent our students from getting “burnt out”. We make the most of out of their time by giving them personalized instruction that addresses their strengths and weaknesses. 

On Campus or Online, our Examkrackers MCAT® Prep Courses will help turn the MCAT® into the headache-free experience we know it can be.

Live Local and Online MCAT Prep Courses

Examkrackers originally began as one in-person MCAT® prep class at Columbia University and then expanded nationwide in the last two decades. From New York to Florida, D.C to California, today we offer local classes in over 35 locations.

However times have changed, and every path to medical school is unique; and for this reason Examkrackers now provides Live Online MCAT® Prep courses to accommodate all different lifestyles.


2 four-hour classes each week. Each class covers 2 subjects.

For each subject we start with a 50-minute lecture followed by a 10-minute break. After the break we test your understanding of the subject with a 30-minute exam. Once the exam is finished we do a 25-minute review to help you understand any mistakes on the test so you don’t make them on the official MCAT.
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4 two-hour classes each week. 4 subjects covered each week.
Mon/Wed - Lecture, Tues/Thurs - Review (exams offline)

Live Online classes are designed to deliver instruction over two hours, with additional options for real-time instruction and feedback on weekends for an extra boost to your MCAT score. If reaching a Live Local course is difficult for you, or your MCAT prep demands a high degree of flexibility.
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Stuck somewhere in the middle?

Jump on live chat and ask us. We're happy to help.

Our Proven Test Prep Method

Examkrackers proven Lecture - Test - Review prep method allows students to optimize their prep time while consistently boosting their MCAT® score. We’ll teach you how to study smarter, not harder.

We’ve broken our method down into 3 simple steps: 

Lecture: Allows the student to assimilate the information. Our manuals are unlike any other textbook you’ve ever read, written to make the science concise and simple to understand. Then in lecture our instructors cover the essential MCAT® material, reviewing all the concepts you will face on the MCAT®. But also not overloading you with any more material than you will face on the MCAT®.

Test: After each lecture the student is directed to take a mini MCAT® exam based on the material they have just learned. This step builds the bridge between memorization of a concept and the critical analysis skills that the MCAT® tests for.

Review: The most important step of the process is the final review. Students thoroughly review their exam every lecture, working through each question and determining where and why they might have answered it wrong. They also learn how to improve on aspects of questions the answered correctly, such as timing. These reviews allow the students to become more comfortable with the questions the MCAT® will present to them on test day.

MCAT Class Pricing

The 9-week comprehensive MCAT class is our flagship offering.
For over 20 years this class has been helping students not just get through the MCAT, but excel on test day.

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