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Self Study, Tutoring & Tests

For students that desire this more individual approach

Are you the type of student that likes to study on your own? Would much prefer a library cubicle over a large classroom environment?

For students that desire this more individual approach, we offer both MCAT Self Study packages and personalized MCAT Tutoring. Using Examkrackers proven MCAT Materials, our personalized approach helps keep you on track by learning the content and building your test-taking skills. Dedicated and highly self-motivated students that enjoy solving problems without asking others for frequent help will find our Self Study packages and/or Private Tutoring contain what they need to create a personalized home study schedule.

The Self Study programs are great for those that need a scheduled outline to keep them on track. We offer 3 options ranging from completely independent study to fully-assisted help.

Our 1-on-1 MCAT tutors have all scored within the top 15% on their official MCAT and are ready to help you do the same. MCAT Tutoring sessions are available in 2 hour blocks that can be scheduled for your convenience.

MCAT Self Study Packages

Disciplined, motivated and confident? Introducing the MCAT Self Study program.

We have three different packages that enable you to tackle the material on your own. No commuting, no logging in. These range from basic and on your own to more personal one on one attention depending on your needs.

Each option includes an assessment from our National Director. They will assess your progress and make any needed adjustments to help you improve your MCAT score on test day.

MCAT Study Guide Options

Available Options:

Fundamental: This is perfect for the disciplined, self starting student that has a very clear and strong MCAT science foundation but looking for an outline and "formula" to help ensure a solid MCAT score.
Buy the Fundamental Self-Study Guide

Premium: Great for those that are disciplined but still need interaction with our instructors. This option gives access to our team of MCAT experts to help clarify any weak areas in the material help assure you are on track.
Buy the Premium Self-Study Guide

Ultimate: Perfect for those who want access to all our MCAT resources. This option encompasses everything we offer to get you thinking, understanding and breathing MCAT. It includes one on one private MCAT tutoring sessions that will help you zero in on your mistakes and correct them before official test day.
Buy the Ultimate Self-Study Guide

One-on-One MCAT Tutoring

Still stressed about the MCAT and having trouble working through those particularly challenging problems?

Guess what?! You’re not alone.

Many, if not all pre-meds have a few topics that really stump them. From optics to critical reading, electrochemical cells to enzyme kinetics, your MCAT prep is chock full of content. It’s no surprise that certain subjects come more easily to some than others.

As expert educators for over 20 years, we can tell you that there is no better way to iron out those extra-pesky wrinkles than MCAT tutoring.

Nothing beats a real-time, personalized conversation with an MCAT expert to help solve your most challenging problems and secure an advantage on the exam. Having personal access to a trusted MCAT tutor ensures you earn points towards your MCAT score in places where other students will burn out and give up.

If you’re looking for an exclusive advantage our MCAT Tutors are ready to help.

Before purchasing, call 888-572-2536 to set up a tutoring assessment.

MCAT Tutoring Packages
Buy a Single 2-Hour Tutoring SessionBuy 5 Sessions (10 Hours) Buy 10 Sessions (20 Hours) Buy 15 Sessions (30 Hours)

Additional MCAT Study Resources

Aside from our courses and Self Study packages, Examkrackers offers numerous products to supplement your exam preparation and application to medical school.

Full Length MCAT Practice tests - We have been the industry leader in creating true-to-life MCAT practice tests. Our passages are excerpted from primary peer-reviewed journal articles just like the actual exam. The practice test contains research-based questions that will help you identify weaknesses in your preparation. The answer explanations will help you approach each problem with confidence. The practice tests also reference particular lectures which make it even easier to find high-yield information to review.

Buy MCAT Practice Tests

Hotline (Online office hours) - The Examkrackers Live online MCAT Hotline provides you with expert help from our seasoned instructors. Sunday through Thursday of each week, our instructors provide personalized answers to your toughest questions. Our Hotline allows you to ask questions on demand using a video chat module. The MD/PhD level instructors help solve problems using built-in video, chat, and whiteboard features. You’ll also benefit from the answers to other students’ questions. The Hotline is available monthly or in three-month subscriptions.

Buy a 1 Month Hotline SubscriptionBuy a 3 Month Hotline Subscription

Personal Statement Coach - I think it’s safe to say - the reason you are preparing for the MCAT is to one day be admitted to the medical school of your dreams right?

There’s one thing standing in your way after the MCAT - the personal statement.

Our experienced writers and editors are experts at crafting and editing successful admissions essays and statements. We can guide you through the entire process, from brainstorming to the finished product. Our Personal Statement Coach package includes five 1-on-1 meetings and four rounds of written feedback and editing.

Get Personal Statement Help

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