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MCAT Select

Examkrackers MCAT Select is the future of assisted MCAT Prep, providing complete MCAT coverage on the subject of your choice without being tied to the cost of a full course.

96% of our February 2019 MCAT test takers reported scores in the 95th percentile and above range; this combined with our lowest retake record among all other preps, made us brainstorm how to bring our exceptional results and hands-on MCAT guidance to as many students as possible.

This Summer we are offering SELECT courses in Physics and Chemistry, which include 10 hours of detailed online instruction with secret methods that only Examkrackers can provide. MCAT SELECT lessons are developed exclusively at Examkrackers, intended only for Premedical Students who want to attain exceptional scores on their upcoming registered MCAT.


Your MCAT Select Classroom
MCAT SELECT Classes are interactive atmospheres, where all questions are welcomed. During lecture, a hand-selected, top scoring instructor, specifically trained in how the MCAT develops the context of that subject, will review all the content there is to know on the MCAT for your chosen subject and teach you the skills necessary to answer as many questions correctly as possible on that section. Students enrolled in MCAT SELECT physical science courses can expect to have a thorough understanding of how to approach these intimidating problems effortlessly.


Your MCAT Select Curriculum
The MCAT SELECT curriculum was designed with the Premed's schedule in mind, spread out across three weekends in order to accommodate Premeds with heavy class loads and weeknights where they're too tired to review. MCAT Select incorporates our successful Lecture - Test - Review method which ensures our students leave class with in-depth understanding rather than superficial memorization. Expect a take-home exam, with full in-class reviews of your correct and incorrect answers.


Your MCAT Select Materials
Our MCAT SELECT classes each include their respective 10th Edition Complete Study Guide Textbook. These colorful textbooks are the most incorporated MCAT prep books by independent university programs in the nation and feature a dual voice: one voice that provides you all the information you need to know for your subject and a second voice that tells you how to correctly study that information (including what not to study to save you time). Your MCAT SELECT Instructor will review every chapter.


Your MCAT Select Practice
*Recommended but not required is our 101 Physics Passages and 101 Chemistry Passages
Have you heard of the one passage a day method? The 101 Passage Workbooks are essential for weekly at home practice and all MCAT Select students have a 30% discount if they choose to make use of this practice book to maximize their experience.

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