First choice MCAT books by the best universities in the United States

Online Testing identical to the Official MCAT

MCAT Strategy Sessions based on your scores

Maximum content retention

View top rated instructors anytime.

The MCAT will present basic science in contexts you have never seen before. Our instructors not only teach the science you need for content review, but explain the many ways this science will be presented in the MCAT.

You’ll pair our Complete MCAT Study Package book set and work you’ll way through their recorded lectures, covering every chapter and every in-depth review the correct and incorrect answers for your mini-exams in your books, just as if you were taking the live course.

We’ve carefully select our instructors. They had high scores in the sections they’re teaching and high ratings as instructors by students who tutored with them.


Your own MCAT Training Plan

It’s impossible to achieve a high MCAT score without ample amount of content review and practice. Without a strategic MCAT plan to do both, test performance falls apart.

Our students work one-on-one with an MCAT Performance Coach throughout their OnDemand program to make sure their practice exam scores are improving towards their target score.

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After you register, your very own MCAT Performance Coach will reach out to you to schedule your first session and create your MCAT Study Schedule.


With MCAT OnDemand, you’ll receive:

  • 34 fifty-minute Recorded MCAT OnDemand Lectures
  • The Complete MCAT Study Package (six textbooks)
  • 32 Online Chapter Exams
  • 5 Full Length MCAT Practice Exams
  • 5 Full Length 4-hour MCAT Practice Exam Video Reviews
  • Your Personalized MCAT Study Schedule
  • 15 Weekends of Group Tutoring Sessions for 2 hours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • One-on-One Sessions with your very own MCAT Performance Coach

See what students are saying

Thank you so much for the fantastic MCAT review package and practice test series you put together. Using the home study schedule you offer with your material review book set and practice exams I was able to score in the 99th percentile! The guidance I received from this company for my MCAT Preparation played a crucial role in my success. Keep up the great work!

Former Student

My daughter has done very well on standardized exams and classes, yet she has dyslexia and learns best not via reading and one on one.  The coach used her resources in both California and New York to assess where studying would be better.  She is totally in tune with creating an individualized program that would work best for my daughter.  She is open to new techniques, combining various components of different programs to try to develop the best program for my daughter.   Her honesty, integrity, and ability to follow through and get back to me quickly is outstanding.  She is warm, personable, and definitely knows what she is talking about.

Former Student

I explored multiple test prep programs before settling on EK. I had heard glowing reviews from multiple people, and needed a program that offered a self-paced option as I work full time and could not attend a live course. EK assisted me in developing a study syllabus that worked with my schedule and was able to help me adjust it along the way. I saw a 17 point increase in my MCAT score from a prior test attempt where I used a different program, and credit EK material for helping me to achieve and surpass my target score. I believe the EK practice exams were reflective of the actual MCAT, and wholeheartedly recommend any of the EK materials.

Former Student

Frequently Asked MCAT Prep Course Questions

  • Do I get to work one-on-one with a live MCAT instructor?


    MCAT OnDemand gives you the flexibility of a self-study MCAT course, allowing you to review MCAT videos by great instructors, take exams and study from our textbooks whenever you’d like, but also work with both an MCAT Performance Coach and a live MCAT instructor.

    You’ll have regular 30 minute sessions with your MCAT Performance Coach to adjust your practice plan and eliminate excess test anxiety.


    You can work on any MCAT topics or questions you want with a live online MCAT instructor for two hours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in a small group tutoring session.

  • When do I have to activate my MCAT OnDemand after purchase?

    You can activate your MCAT OnDemand anytime after purchase. You do not need to start your 15-week access right away, but feel free to have your first session with your MCAT Performance Coach as an introduction to what you need to do for success.

  • What do I gain from MCAT Performance Coaching?

    MCAT Performance Coaching offers personalized strategies to help you achieve your target score and ensure your review and study efforts are as effective as possible. An experienced MCAT Performance Coach will meet with you one-on-one in a series of sessions to adjust your study schedule strategy based on practice exam performance, schedule, and other key factors.

  • How do I work with an MCAT Performance Coach?

    You will choose when to schedule your sessions with your MCAT Performance Coach after taking your scheduled Full Length MCAT Exams. Your coach will build a strategy based on your practice test scores and schedule availability, then tweak that plan as new data emerges.

  • Can I meet one of your MCAT Performance Coaches before I buy?

    Yes! You can schedule a complimentary session with an MCAT Performance Coach and get started on your MCAT Strategy Plan for FREE. Schedule your session on our MCAT Coaching Page.