MCAT Performance Coaching

We teach you what to study, and train you how to study.

There are no tricks to pull a high MCAT score.

The best thing you can have is a strong mindset, a true understanding of the science that’s on the MCAT and a tested, strategic plan that allows you the time to keep both.

Human-to-human, MCAT Performance Coaching trains students to commit to their target MCAT score with adjustments to their study plans according to their real life obstacles, such as breakups, failing a class, test anxiety, working two jobs while prepping and more.

We know real life can make or break your MCAT mindset.

Over twenty-five years of observing reality in MCAT Prep has taught us that no matter how eager someone is about their goal, seldom do they execute their plan perfectly on their first attempt.

No matter how well a student has performed on their MCAT practice exam, one bad conversation the morning of test day can throw off their game.

Our MCAT Performance Coaches make sure all our students understand that struggling with execution does not mean they are personally less capable than students who do.

It means they need to be reminded that they can do anything they set their mind to and shown how.

We save our students time and frustration.

It’s easy to see when you’ve missed a handful of questions in a Physics section. It’s not always easy to see why.

This becomes debilitating when you continue to score poorly on Physics section after Physics section despite rereading your Physics chapters.

Through a series of interview questions after your Full Length Practice Exam review, an MCAT Performance Coach will write you the prescription for how to address your specific strengths and weaknesses, whether it’s flashcards, more questions, timed passage work, etc.

This saves our students time and stress. They spend fewer hours studying overall and more hours studying correctly.

We increase scores with data and observation.

All students when enrolled in our online programs receive MCAT Performance Coaching sessions after taking their Full Length Practice Exams.

Our MCAT Performance Coaches are able to login to our test site (with the student’s permission), pull their data and analyze the trend of score improvement.

They calculate the amount of time left to the student’s test date, the amount of points left to close the gap on their greatest margin for score increase and interview student to adjust their plan for success.

These regular check-in’s reinforce commitment to the plan and see students to their goals.

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