101 Passages – Biology 1 Molecules


The passages found in this book are completely different from the passages found in our 1001 Questions in MCAT® Biology.

What’s in This Book? 

  • Eight 95-minute simulated MCAT® exams for biochemistry practice
  • Four 50-minute simulated mini-MCAT® exams for biochemistry practice
  • Answer explanations that explain fast and efficient methods to solve MCAT® questions
  • Tests are organized to match the content covered in each lecture of the EK Biology 1 Molecules manual.
  • A study guide showing you the best way to use this book to improve your score

Why You Should Buy Our Book Instead of Their Book?

Practice makes Perfect. Active practice—not just passive review—is key to a high score on the MCAT®. This book has as many practice exams as you need to achieve the MCAT® score that gets you into medical school.

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You Will Improve Your MCAT® Score with This Book. Practicing conscientiously with this book, using correct technique, you will improve your MCAT® Score.

The sooner you start, the more time you have to improve.

ISBN 13: 978-1-893858-91-6