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Better-explained MCAT content saves Premeds hours of studying and increases their MCAT score, faster and easier. Our writing team makes sure our students never finish a sentence and wonder what they just read.

Many science textbooks are so flowery and verbose that they slow down your learning. We choose to write clearly, omitting words you don’t need to read. We’ve also introduced comedy to basic science, increasing our reader’s memorization with unforgettable examples.

We point out MCAT techniques that don't work, and teach the ones that do.

Not all test-taking techniques are created equal. Popular “tactics and tricks” you may have heard of before, such as passage mapping, lose students points on MCAT exams. The reality is you can’t trick your way to a high MCAT score. Using tricks means you have poor understanding.

An MCAT passage is basic science presented to you in contexts you have never seen before. Our books prepare you with true understanding and teach you how to apply your knowledge head-on during your MCAT exam.

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Perspective You Won't Find Anywhere Else

We make learning MCAT entertaining with our straight forward and funny approach to science.

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Authentic MCAT Testing Experience

Practice every MCAT passage from your book in an online interface identical to the Official MCAT.

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The 11th Edition Complete MCAT Study Package PLUS includes:
  • Biology 1: Molecules
  • Biology 2: Systems
  • CARS
  • Psychology & Sociology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

PLUS 1 Full Length MCAT Practice EK-A Exam

PLUS 32 Online Chapter Exams


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101 MCAT Passages Workbook Bundle

The fastest way to an MCAT score increase when you’ve already done your content review is through timed passage practice. Our 101 MCAT Passage Workbook series comes with 10 full length 50-minute section exams in each book. Timed passage practice gives students realistic conditions and an accurate idea of what their score increase for that section could be on the official MCAT.

Every exam ends with answer choice explanations for every question, teaching you why an answer is correct or incorrect, and what test-taking strategies to use to keep score higher on similar exams in the future.


Includes all 101 MCAT Passages Workbooks
  • 101 Passages: Biology 1 Molecules
  • 101 Passages: Biology 2 — Systems
  • 101 Passages: Chemistry
  • 101 Passages: Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills
  • 101 Passages: Physics
  • 101 Passages: Sociology and Psychology

What students say about our books

I used the Examkrackers MCAT book set and LOVED it! I loved how easy the books were able to elucidate things and seeing the little tips on the side from the mascot were so helpful.


Former Student

I'm going to be taking the MCAT this spring, and I feel very confident in my skills after purchasing your complete study package. I hope the effort I put in shows. I thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate you all. And just as a side note, I thought your Psych/Soc. section was amazing, I learned so much.


Former Student

I really got a lot out of your MCAT test prep books and that the practice questions were especially realistic compared to the actual MCAT. I ended up getting a 525 on the real thing so your product really helped me out a lot!


Former Student

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In addition at the end of the book we’ll provide our Free Home Study Schedule that will lay out how to spend your time during MCAT plan, day by day, page by page. Answer our questions below and we’ll send you our Free MCAT Strategy Book PLUS a Free Strategy Session with an MCAT Performance Coach.

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FAQ About Examkrackers MCAT Books

  • Do you offer a discount on the course if I've purchased the books?

    We offer a discount on both our MCAT OnDemand Course and our MCAT Live Online for students who have already purchased Examkrackers books from us.

    Please contact us in our website chat to redeem your discount. New books will not be shipped with course registration when the discount is applied.

  • I have an old edition of the MCAT books, will these still help me?

    We don’t recommend using our 9th, 8th, 7th or earlier editions of our Complete MCAT Study Package for MCAT Prep.

    These were written for earlier versions of the exam and do not include all the science content you need to know for your current exam.

    However, our earlier 1001 Questions Books and 101 Passages Books are useful for Critical Reasoning and stand-alone science questions if you’ve struggled with a particular subject.

  • Do you offer bulk discounts for universities and Premed Programs?

    We do offer special promotions and discounted rates for universities, other prep companies and large Premed Programs purchasing our Complete Study Package and other individual workbooks in large quantities, with online testing access!

    Please write in our website chat or email [email protected] with your university or program name, country and phone number so that we can accommodate you.

  • How to apply to become a writer for MCAT Content at Examkrackers?

    Please email [email protected] with your resume, introduction and MCAT scores. Bonus points if you have a sample MCAT passage or MCAT questions of your work.

    We are always interviewing for writers.