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C.A.R.S. – Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills – (Verbal) Intensive Class (July 2019)

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Summer Session Dates: July 30th – Aug 22nd 2019

The CARS section is one of the most looked at sections on the MCAT by potential medical schools because it is an essential element to becoming a doctor. Most Premeds will score very high in their physical sciences, but the CARS section is one that many struggle with.

Examkrackers has perfected how to approach this section. CARS is our specialty, which is why our books are integrated into courses across the United States and are dominant in accurately simulating how interdisciplinary AAMC passages really are.

In this online, interactive class, you will learn our methods through short lectures, followed by in-depth reviews of all the questions. Our top scoring MCAT instructor will teach you how to pick the best answer and you will begin to feel confident in a section that’s foreign to you. The beauty about this course is that as your CARS score raises, you will typically see the rest of your sections on the MCAT raise as well. 

This C.A.R.S. Intensive Class is (4) weeks with (2) sessions per week of online classes.

Class Schedule:
Tues/Thurs from 9pm-11pm EST

July 30
Aug. 1, 6, 8, 15, 20, 22

101 Passages - Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills ( NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE AS AN INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT)
Examkrackers 10th Edition MCAT® Reasoning Skills Manual: Verbal, Research and Math (NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE AS AN INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT)
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