College Admissions Workshops




Learn real strategies on how to time your college application for your specific applicant profile and your desired target school.

Develop the student success skills needed to contact recommenders and stay accountable throughout your four year high school plan.

Complete an SAT and GPA plan that will aggressively compete with the demographics of other students vying with you to get a seat at your dream university.

Approach essay writing and supplemental applications with confidence by being coached  by master personal statement drafters and interviewers.

Have all the answers on financial aid, college communication and how to be one of the best students your freshman year. 


  • Four 90 Minute Online Workshop Sessions
  • Authentic Admissions Writing Exercises given to students in-session
  • Tailored Q&A Panel each session

The Examkrackers Admissions Team is excited to offer an exclusive four day workshop for high school students wanting to develop a personalized plan for getting accepted into their dream college.

High school students have a lot to focus on already when choosing their classes, committing to their grades and volunteering outside of the classroom, but there are strategic moves they can make when applying to college that will give them a clear advantage.

Join our exclusive College Admissions Workshop on December 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th at 7PM EST.


Our MCAT Self Study Program is Good for…

…dedicated and highly self-motivated students who enjoy solving problems without asking others for frequent help. You’ll will find our MCAT On-Demand Course works alongside a personalized home study schedule and your own strategy coach, striking the perfect balance between an independent program and having a study manager.

Our One-on-One MCAT Tutors are Great for…

… students who need in-depth practice with top 5% scoring experts in their weakest sections. MCAT Tutoring is the greatest medicine for severe learning gaps in a subject that debilitates you on the MCAT.

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