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Hi, I’m Dan! I’m an incoming medical student with B.S. degrees in Biology and Nutrition with extensive undergraduate tutoring/teaching experience, particularly in the subjects of Biology, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Nutrition. After working as a medical assistant in NYC, I’ve been working as an MCAT instructor for Examkrackers and a private tutor for the MCAT, organic chemistry, etc. I love eating all kinds of food from all kinds of cuisines (Japanese is my favorite) and enjoy staying in shape with calisthenics and powerlifting.

What differentiates my tutoring services? I pride myself in going above and beyond in identifying non-academic factors that can influence long-term success with my clients, such as individual study habits, mindset, discipline, and long-term goals. I am a big advocate in keeping things candid, realistic, and professional. Finally, I believe that establishing a strong foundation of trust and rapport leads to the best academic results; I take the time to talk to my clients (and parents, if needed) to understand the context of each tutoring session and the client’s professional goals.

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