Examkrackers 11th Edition MCAT® Reasoning Skills Manual: Verbal, Research and Math


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The Examkrackers Reasoning Skills Manual provides a common sense, practical approach along with simulated MCAT® practice for success on the MCAT® “Critical Analysis and Reasoning” (CARS) section. The Examkrackers method for the CARS MCAT® is built around strategies that will help you easily identify the best answer.

In addition to Examkrackers CARS preparation, this manual includes an introduction to the MCAT®, MCAT® math techniques, and the research skills critical to MCAT® success. The breadth of information in the Reasoning Skills Manual make it essential preparation for every section of the MCAT®.

What’s in this book?
Complete introduction to the MCAT®
An effective, common sense approach to the MCAT® Critical Analysis and Reasoning section
Time saving math techniques
Essential research skills needed for 20% of MCAT® questions
Simulated MCAT® practice with five 30-minute topical exams in real MCAT® format

Table of Contents
Lecture i: Introduction to the MCAT® and Math
Lecture ii: Research and Reasoning Skills for the MCAT®
Lecture 1: Introduction to CARS: Strategy and Tactics
Lecture 2: The Main Idea
Lecture 3: Answering the Questions
Lecture 4: Advanced CARS Skills

ISBN-13: 978-1-951127-05-3