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Tutored subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Psych/Soc, CARS

I am a second year MD/PhD student at the University of Florida. I graduated with honors in chemistry in 2017 and minored in biology. I have four years of formal teaching experience as a TA in chemistry (general and organic), and I have tutored many students individually since high school. I also have three years of experience doing research and am a published author in physiology, and am a PhD candidate in viral molecular genetics.

I teach for Examkrackers because EK works! I credit their method and teaching style for my MCAT success. When I was studying for the MCAT, I used their books to guide me through the specific high-yield topics commonly seen on the test, and their pacing kept me on track. Their test-taking strategies have stayed with me through medical school. With EK methods in my toolbox, I address both the knowledge and the strategy of the MCAT in my teaching.

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