Not your typical MCAT Course

We use humor to increase recall, improve understanding, and study efficiency. Our instructors keep you engaged with scheduled active breaks and encourage face-to-face conversation. Peer-to-peer learning brings the friendly in-person classroom to the online setting.

The only MCAT Course you'll need.

There are no additional planners or supplemental materials needed for MCAT Live Online. This MCAT course ensures students get all the content review and passage practice they need to earn the MCAT score they desire.

Each Full Length MCAT Practice Exam includes a comprehensive review and detailed diagnostics to help you identify your strengths and the content you may need to revisit.

11th Edition Examkrackers Books

You get all of this!

  • 38 Live MCAT Classes
  • 5 Full MCAT Practice Exams each with a 4-Hour Video Review
  • MedReels: 610 Comprehensive MCAT Content Videos
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  • The MCAT Complete Study Package PLUS
  • 32 Thirty-minute Online Chapter Exams
  • Group Tutoring Sessions

What students are saying

Examkrackers is a great course with great instructors! The course kept me on track with a very efficient and doable schedule. The 50 minute lectures kept me focused and the 30 minute in class exams allowed me to practice the content I just studied. Overall, I think the structure of the course, presentation by the instructor, and support provided is wonderful.

Carla B.

Former Student

As a non-traditional student who had spent more than three years without taking a single science course, I knew that I needed an MCAT prep course that would strengthen my test-taking strategies, but also, help me remember what I had learned as an undergrad. I ended up having a combined MCAT score of 516, but I scored in the 99th and 97th percentile in the psych/soc and the bio sections respectively. I went from being extremely intimidated about taking the MCAT to feeling prepared and confident.

Lianet V.

Former Student

A dear friend of mine recently passed away, and I had fallen behind in my coursework. EK noticed and called me expressing sincere concern. In the process of patiently helping me create a new study schedule, emphasizing efficient study methods and utilizing my instructors. Our weekly dialogues helped me overcome my classroom anxiety, stay focused, and genuinely feel supported. I was very happy to share with her my acceptance into medical school.

John P.

Former Student

FAQ About MCAT Live Online

  • What do I gain from MCAT Performance Coaching?

    Academic Performance Coaching is exactly what it sounds like.

    An MCAT Performance Coach will adjust your study plan in accordance to your data and testing experience, similar to how the coach of a professional athlete would watch replays of their games.

    They’ll regularly interview you with each Full Length MCAT Exam and assess your performance.

    From there, they’ll adjust your passage practice and content review in order to keep you on track to your target score. They’ll take in your life events, anxiety and test date into account to prevent burnout and keep you motivated.

  • When do I work with an MCAT Performance Coach?

    You’ll be able to schedule your session with your MCAT Performance Coach after each scheduled Full Length MCAT Exam.

  • Can I meet one of your MCAT Performance Coaches before I buy?

    Yes! You can schedule a complimentary session with an MCAT Performance Coach and get started on your MCAT Strategy Plan for free.

    Schedule your session on our MCAT Coaching Page.

  • How do you select MCAT instructors?

    We select our Live Online MCAT instructors based on their official MCAT section scores and a series of auditions to ensure they are dynamic teachers and present beautiful content in live time.

    Every instructor is regularly evaluated throughout the course by Examkrackers notetakers and weekly student reviews.

  • When does my access to online MCAT material expire?

    Full Length MCAT Practice Exams

    The Full Length Practice Exams are indefinitely in the student portal until officially opened. After the exam has been started they are only available for continuation for 30 days.

    Examkrackers Full Length Practice Exams are never reset to a blank exam, and scores are only available once the full exam is complete, therefore we ask you to only start them when you’re ready to sit for the 7.5 hour duration. This ensures students use our exams correctly and increase their test scores.

    610 On-Demand Videos, Full Length Exam Video Reviews, and recordings of Live Online Lectures

    All video material is available for 15 weeks from the start date of the Live Online MCAT Course

    Peer-to-Peer Study Sessions

    Access to Peer-to-Peer Study Sessions is available for 15 weeks

  • What if I don't like my MCAT instructor?

    If how your instructor teaches content is not satisfactory, you can rate their instruction weekly and address an email to your MCAT Course Director at [email protected].

    Instructors with a pattern of unsatisfactory ratings are immediately replaced.

    Alternatively, you can let your MCAT Performance Coach know and they will find Examkrackers lectures by other instructors for you to ensure you understand the material.

    We want all our students to be successful so we urge you to speak up so that we can improve our course for future Premeds.

  • What if I already have the Complete MCAT Study Package books?

    We offer a discount for all students that have already purchased our Complete MCAT Study Package. Please show proof of purchase in our website chat to redeem.