The Live Course

  • 43 Live Online MCAT Classes in a Lecture-Test-Review Format
  • One Year Subscription to KrackU
  • Flexible Course Schedule
  • 10 Full MCAT Practice Exams, a Dozen Sectional Exams, and Thousands of Content Questions
  • 43 Thirty-minute Online Chapter Exams with Live Review
  • Daily (Sun-Fri) 2-hr Group Tutoring Sessions

Learning that Works

Our lecture-test-review method is effective. You absorb the same material multiple times from different angles, firmly embedding the MCAT science concepts, so you understand and can answer any MCAT question.

  • Read the chapter twice before class
  • Attend a brief 50-minute lecture
  • Take a 30-minute mini-MCAT on the chapter topic
  • Review that exam with your instructor

You learn faster, better, and with greater recall.

What students are saying

Examkrackers is a great course with great instructors! The course kept me on track with a very efficient and doable schedule. The 50 minute lectures kept me focused and the 30 minute in class exams allowed me to practice the content I just studied. Overall, I think the structure of the course, presentation by the instructor, and support provided is wonderful.

Carla B.

Former Student

As a non-traditional student who had spent more than three years without taking a single science course, I knew that I needed an MCAT prep course that would strengthen my test-taking strategies, but also, help me remember what I had learned as an undergrad. I ended up having a combined MCAT score of 516, but I scored in the 99th and 97th percentile in the psych/soc and the bio sections respectively. I went from being extremely intimidated about taking the MCAT to feeling prepared and confident.

Lianet V.

Former Student

A dear friend of mine recently passed away, and I had fallen behind in my coursework. EK noticed and called me expressing sincere concern. In the process of patiently helping me create a new study schedule, emphasizing efficient study methods and utilizing my instructors. Our weekly dialogues helped me overcome my classroom anxiety, stay focused, and genuinely feel supported. I was very happy to share with her my acceptance into medical school.

John P.

Former Student