MCAT Mentorship

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  • MCAT Self Study Syllabus
  • Individualized Study Plan
  • 60 minutes per session

What if you could have an MCAT mentor available to you 24/7 every step of the way through your MCAT prep? Zachary Dereniowski is the first on-board Examkrackers Mentor, devoted to consistently motivating students and changing their perspective in regards to what they think they can accomplish.

He does this by implementing Strategy-Based Learning. In your sessions, Zach will thoroughly expand on your individualized study plan and continuously adjust your practice regimen in-between your full length exams so that it’s tailored to your specific needs. He will follow up by addressing your weaknesses with section-specific strategies and teaching you the correct techniques to improve your MCAT score.

In addition, Zach will motivate you to set higher goals, track your progress to ensure your scores are improving and hold you accountable throughout the scope of your time with him. This combined with Zach’s extensive knowledge in MCAT practice strategy and communication skills, provides constant planning and emotional support to the MCAT student.

Having recently experienced the trials of MCAT prep himself, Zach is one of the most sought after MCAT Mentors in the United State and Canada. His story is one that Premeds don’t often hear about. In his freshman year, he nearly failed out of university, required to withdraw from his program, where his dean thereafter stated, “Zachary, university isn’t right for you.” But Zachary returned to university, completing with a 4.0 GPA and 510+ MCAT scores.

Zach is featured speaking with doctors almost every night online and is eager to spread his message that any Premed can overcome their weakest academic areas and doubts in their mind. As a result, his mentored students repeatedly exceed their own initial expectations and join him in the ranks of high MCAT scores.

To schedule your first free session with Zach to see if he’s the right fit for you, please RESERVE HERE.

*24/7 access is only available through the 6 Session option



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