• Includes MCAT Complete Study Package: KrackU



  • Includes MCAT Complete Study Package: KrackU



  • Includes MCAT Complete Study Package: KrackU
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Meet our Tutors

Or Mossaiov

Hi! I’m Or Mossaiov, with 8 years of experience teaching all four MCAT sections in both class settings and individual tutoring. My passion for the CARS section has driven me to develop unique strategies that have led my students to achieve amazing success.

I don’t just teach you content like a parrot. I teach you the MCAT way of critical thinking and applying the content to achieve mastery. Through creating my own educational materials, including video lessons, passages, and tests, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the ingredients required to excel on the MCAT.

I will push you beyond your comfort zone, but you’ll thank me when you see your score. Join me, and together we’ll turn your MCAT aspirations into reality. Let’s get started!


My name is Samantha and I am currently a 4th year medical student at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. I graduated from Villanova University in 2019 and was an Examkrackers student as well. I am an active pre-med mentor and hope to help students on their medical school journey.

I tutor for the Biology and Psych sections of the MCAT, and I am also happy to help with study tips and strategies.

Awal Jimah

My name is Awal Mohammed Jimah, and I am an MD-PhD student. On my first try at the MCAT, I scored in the 96th and 100th percentile for the C/P and B/B sections, respectively. \

Since then, I have developed strong skills in analyzing MCAT-like passages and questions while working in product development for KrakU. If mastered, these techniques could significantly help you improve your score.


Hi! AudreyStephannie here! I graduated from Harvard in 2019 with a Molecular and Cellular Biology degree. I am currently in my second year at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

I primarily tutor in the CARS, P/S, and B/B sections. I try to offer both MCAT tips and strategies and steps along the medical school application journey as I have benefited from the advice of those who went before me. You can likely find me reading, Crossfitting, laughing, having deep conversations, or watching Real Housewives of Potomac (#medschooldidittome) in my free time.


Akshay graduated from Dartmouth in June 2024 with a degree in Quantitative Social Science. Originally from Wisconsin, he now resides in New Jersey with his family.

Akshay received a 520 on his MCAT, and he specializes in tutoring Chem/Phys and Psych/Soc. In his free time, Akshay enjoys exercising, folding origami, and spending time with friends.