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Admissions Consultations



Our Team of Admissions Counselors are here to support your success and reduce the stress of the process of applying to College, Law School, Business School, Medical School, Dental School, Nursing School; your pharmacy program or your upcoming MA/PhD Program.

We’ll answer all your questions and concerns on:

  • application readiness
  • your range of your experiences to date
  • grades and scores
  • timing of your application
  • recruiting recommenders
  • personal statement and activity descriptions
  • secondary applications
  • choosing schools
  • interviewing
  • any special circumstances

Our application advisors have extensive experience in coaching successful applicants and our team includes MD/PhD level advisors, skilled essay writing coaches, and members of college admissions committees. We are here to make the process of applying easier.

Admissions Consulting is purchased at an hourly rate at $150 per hour. However, if you have purchased and completed our Personal Statement Coaching or Application Therapy, the price is $75 per hour.


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