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I’m about to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with Honors in Neuroscience. I took the MCAT after only three and a half months of focused studying, and I scored a 99th percentile score on my first attempt. I have over five years of meaningful teaching experience via instructing in group and individual settings through other tutoring platforms, local after-school tutoring companies, and as a Teaching Assistant for Biology, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience classes at the University of Pittsburgh. I specialize in adapting lesson plans to the student’s lifestyle, while also driving a steady pace to keep up with the rigor. I teach all subjects of the MCAT with an in-depth focus while highlighting the high-impact topics. More importantly, I will teach you strategy, so you will be best equipped to handle various types of MCAT questions and be able to avoid the commonly made mistakes. Studying for the MCAT requires planning and knowledge on the resources out there, and I would be more than happy to help you plan your MCAT journey. When I’m not tutoring, I enjoy biking, Netflix, and the company of my friends. I wish you the best for your MCAT studying!


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