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On-Campus MCAT Prep – Summer 2018

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10th Edition MCAT® Complete Study Package
5 Full-Length Online Simulated MCAT Exams (4 EK & 1 AAMC)
5 In-Depth Online Reviews of the Full-Length Simulated MCAT Exams
Weekly Online Recap Reviews of Mini Exams covered in Class
Examkrackers Forum Membership for 1 year

*All course materials will be shipped out 2 weeks before the course starts. No expedited shipping options will be available.

*You will be emailed a Student Enrollment & Agreement form once your order has been processed. These forms must be filled out to complete your enrollment process and to receive your materials.

This course is intense. The Comprehensive Review runs for 9 weeks. It covers absolutely everything on all four sections of the MCAT®. This course format is 2 four hour sessions each week. Each session is taught by an MCAT® expert and is broken into two 2-hour classes (for example, the first 2 hour class would cover Chemistry, while the second 2 hour class would cover Physics). Although classes are 2 hours, lectures are only 50 minutes. A class lecture is followed by a 10 minute break, a 30 minute practice exam in the MCAT® format, and a complete review of that exam. Compare this to our competitors: 3-hour lectures, little or no in-class testing, and little or no review. Our format will keep you awake, familiarize you with how the MCAT® tests, and show you the fastest way to get to the answer.

Live MCAT Prep Class June - August 2018
Examkrackers 10th Edition MCAT® Complete Study Package (NO CHARGE)
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  1. L.V. (Tampa FL)

    As a non-traditional student who had spent more than three years without taking a single science course, I knew that I needed an MCAT prep course that would strengthen my test-taking strategies, but also, help me remember what I had learned as an undergrad. A friend recommended Examkrackers, and it was one the best investments I have ever made. The course was well structured and it provided me with all the resources and help I needed to succeed. I ended up having a combined MCAT score of 516, but I scored in the 99th and 97th percentile in the psych/soc and the bio sections respectively. I went from being extremely intimidated about taking the MCAT to feeling prepared and confident. Thank you Examkrackers!

  2. S.B (Miami, FL)

    Examkrackers BEST prepared me by hiring the best teacher possible. Every program provides a schedule, books, practice exams, etc. So what set apart Examkrackers for me, and ultimately made the difference in my score, was having a resource that knew 1. how to study 2. how to teach 3. how to attack the MCAT, and be able to communicate it all of this effectively to the students…Thank you… I really valued the course…. – Score 510

  3. M.H. (Philadelphia, PA)

    EK kept my train of thought for each topic running in a logical direction as well as inserting additional details into context that made them stick! – M.H. (Philadelphia, PA)

  4. J.H. (Miami FL)

    The examkrackers course was a great way to pace myself during my MCAT studies. For the most part, I did not need help understanding the material, but when I did, I found my instructors to be knowledgeable and willing to lend a helping hand. – Score 518

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