On-Demand Course (12 Weeks)




“I wish I had a moment to just .. breathe.”

That’s all you can think when everyday is jam packed with 18+ credit hours, two part-time jobs, volunteering out in the field, lab work under your favorite professors and shadowing at the hospital. 

You’re looking for a minute to just catch your breath as you drive across town, while the MCAT silently haunts you in the back of your mind. 

You know the MCAT is very important. You’re not sure how to start MCAT Prep. But when you’re on-the-go and committed to your dreams in every other possible way, you don’t want to be punished by that awkward feeling of coming in late to class disheveled because you just got off work. 

After a long day, our MCAT On-Demand course is like coming home to your private launchpad that gets your MCAT score increasing as fast as your day goes by.

An MCAT Strategy Coach with over a decade of experience in steering over-achieving students like you towards 518+ MCAT scores, will meet with you periodically as you work through a day by day, page by page, MCAT study schedule and our complete recorded 9 week MCAT course, featuring our top 5% MCAT instructors, from start to finish. 

They will not only monitor your Practice MCAT Exams scores over time, but also anticipate how you will respond to each practice exam over the next nine weeks. They will be able to tell you when in your schedule it is natural to hesitate and flag you to schedule break days when you lean towards study burnout, along with making sure that your home practice environment is conducive to MCAT Prep.

As you follow through with our no-class-attendance-obligation On-Demand MCAT course, you’ll learn how to flow through MCAT passages naturally and be able to practice your weak sections with top 5% MCAT instructors in online weekend group study sessions at your own discretion.

By the end of your 9 weeks you will be an Examkrackers On-Demand MCAT Student, and walk into your final test center calm and confident that you have earned every point on a no pressure plan that gave you to permission to relax at home and breathe between classes, reassured that the MCAT is now second nature to you.

You have finally found a working MCAT plan that fits your busy schedule and your big dreams. Register below and our team will begin working with you immediately.

Full Course Benefits Included:

  • 5 EK Full-Length Online MCAT Exams
  • 5 In-Depth Online Reviews of the Full-Length MCAT Exams
  • 34 Recorded MCAT Lessons
  • 32 Recorded In-Class Test Reviews
  • Page by Page, Week by Week, MCAT Schedule & Syllabus
  • 6 Month Forum Access to an MCAT Instructor
  • 3 MCAT Strategy Coach Sessions
  • Non-Obligatory Sunday Night Study Group Practice Sessions


*All course materials are shipped once registration is complete.

*All recordings are available for the duration of the twelve week program. On-Demand Course is non-refundable.

11th Edition MCAT Manuals (NO CHARGE)

2 reviews for On-Demand Course (12 Weeks)

  1. A.O.

    A dear friend of mine recently passed away, and I had fallen behind in my coursework. Megan had noticed and called me expressing sincere concern. In the process of patiently helping me create a new study schedule, emphasizing efficient study methods and utilizing my instructors. Our weekly dialogues helped me overcome my classroom anxiety, stay focused, and genuinely feel supported. I was very happy to share with her my acceptance into medical school.

  2. Anna B.

    I am writing to commend Megan Galvin as one of the most knowledgeable, professional, caring people I have spoken to regarding the best strategy to use for my daughter who has a unique academic profile.

    My daughter is a student at the University of Pennsylvania and has done very well on standardized exams and classes, yet she has dyslexia and learns best not via reading and one on one. Although, we are located in California, Megan used her resources in both California and New York to assess where studying would be better. She is totally in tune with creating an individualized program that would work best for my daughter. She is open to new techniques, combining various components of different programs to try to develop the best program for my daughter. She is not just trying to sell Examkrackers, rather attempting to create a program that fits and in a manner where my daughter will thrive.

    Her honesty, integrity, and ability to follow through and get back to me quickly is outstanding. She is warm, personable, and definitely knows what she is talking about. She is knowledgeable about other programs and one that she had not heard of in California she wanted to research, so she knows all the programs out there and how the company can progress and succeed.

    Megan, thinks out of the box and her openess and willingness to work with the client and their family should be highly commended. Having such employees as Megan is what will continue to make your program a success not just for you, but most importantly for the students you teach.

    I want to thank her for all her help and hope that you acknowledge her dedication to both your company and her students. I appreciate your time and cannot tell you how helpful she is and how much time she spends even after hours to help create the best mix of educational tools and tutors for my daughter.

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