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We’re excited to share our new and improved Live MCAT Online course. You and we are taking your MCAT together. We need you to get a huge score improvement. That is the ONLY way we can continue doing what we love to do: crushing the MCAT and ushering in committed future doctors into Medical School. Keep reading to see our new premed centered benefits!

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Our NEW MCAT Prep Course includes...

NEW 138 hours of Live Online & Recorded MCAT Lessons

  • More time to study and focus than anyone else - You will have more hours of MCAT instruction and more MCAT practice in eight weeks than you would with any other MCAT prep course, giving you more time to increase your MCAT score in your most difficult subjects, with more devotion to CARS than all other leading MCAT Preps combined.
  • 44 Lessons and 32 Mini-MCATs - You will work through 32 topic-oriented Mini-MCATs in live time that will make your MCAT content unforgettable, and teach you how to continuously test in your ideal MCAT score range. Every MCAT session will be recorded and available for you to use outside of class.
  • 12 New Workshops solely for High Yield MCAT strategies - You will receive guided practice from PhD MCAT instructors on how to soar through the most prevalent MCAT topics, increasing your speed on the MCAT without lowering your MCAT score.

NEW MCAT Prep Policies That Put Premeds First

  • New Flexible Schedule for Students with busy lives (or who just need a break) - You can now put your mental health first. Every MCAT lecture will be offered to you three times a week, allowing you to come to class when you feel like it.
  • New Free Unlimited Repeat Policy - You can now retake our MCAT Prep course completely free if you’re unsatisfied with your MCAT score, when providing official confirmation of your new registered MCAT date. There will never be a need to buy another MCAT Prep course again.
  • Your own MCAT Coach - You will enjoy unlimited sessions with an MCAT Coach who will take this MCAT journey alongside you. They'll listen to you, motivate you and reinforce good study habits for you every step of the way. Your MCAT study plan will be tailored to your life so that you can succeed regardless of your MCAT date after course completion.

NEW Additional MCAT Study Guides

  • 6 of the Best Full-Color MCAT Study Guides available - You will be reading the most trusted MCAT Prep Study Guides by top ranked universities across the United States and Canada, so you can be assured you have the best resources. Our MCAT Study guides provide you with 34 topic-oriented Mini-MCATs and over 800 topic-based stand-alone questions written with dual explanations that will make you an expert on what you need to know for the MCAT and how to apply that knowledge to MCAT passages.
  • 6 MCAT Classroom Companions - You will have sound structure in your study plan and develop strong study habits with a corresponding Classroom Companion for every MCAT Study guide, providing you at all times with additional concept explanations, practice questions and critical thinking exercises as discussed in your classes, so you can effectively retain all information.
  • 610 On-Demand Videos - You will have over six-hundred recorded videos at your disposal to improve your MCAT knowledge and skills on your own at home.
  • 101 Passages in Verbal Reasoning Workbook - You will practice over one hundred passages exclusively in CARS to ensure you have an edge in one of the most feared sections on the MCAT.
  • Instructors Annotated Notes - You will receive annotated lecture notes from your instructors at the end of every class, helping you actively participate more in the class without worrying about taking excessive notes.

NEW Additional MCAT Practice Resources

  • 5 Full Length Examkrackers MCAT Practice Exams - You will take our Examkrackers practice exams that not only precisely replicate the real MCAT, but also come with a recorded in-depth review on all science content.
  • 5 New Full Length AAMC Practice Exams - You will take AAMC practice exams that will familiarize you with the same AAMC testing site experience you will see on the real MCAT, instilling muscle memory and eliminating any surprises you might have on test day.
  • 10 Additional Full Length MCAT Practice Exams - You read that correctly. You will have access to 20 full length exams total, ensuring you have all the full length exam practice you can get out of an MCAT Prep course.
  • 5 New AAMC Question Packs and 1 New AAMC Section Bank - You will have access to 720 passage-based and stand-alone questions in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and CARS, alongside 300 passage-based and stand-alone questions in the Natural, Behavioral and Social science, providing you with enough questions to repeatedly review any MCAT topics you’re insecure about.

Your Own Peer Study Group

  • Perfectly Matched Companions - You will be matched with a group of Premeds who share your interests, values, goals and victories along the way. Together, you can collaborate on strategies, plans and ideas, further discovering what works and what doesn’t.
  • Weekly Group Practice Sessions - You can cooperatively decide if you'd like to meet with your MCAT study group to discuss solutions to difficult MCAT problems and share your experiences about the Premed way of life, making lifelong friends that you will take with you into the Medical world.

Our MCAT Self Study Program is Good for…

…dedicated and highly self-motivated students who enjoy solving problems without asking others for frequent help. You’ll will find our MCAT On-Demand Course works alongside a personalized home study schedule and your own strategy coach, striking the perfect balance between an independent program and having a study manager.

Our One-on-One MCAT Tutors are Great for…

… students who need in-depth practice with top 5% scoring experts in their weakest sections. MCAT Tutoring is the greatest medicine for severe learning gaps in a subject that debilitates you on the MCAT.

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Customer reviews (2)

  1. A.O.

    A dear friend of mine recently passed away, and I had fallen behind in my coursework. Megan had noticed and called me expressing sincere concern. In the process of patiently helping me create a new study schedule, emphasizing efficient study methods and utilizing my instructors. Our weekly dialogues helped me overcome my classroom anxiety, stay focused, and genuinely feel supported. I was very happy to share with her my acceptance into medical school.

  2. Anna B.

    I am writing to commend Megan Galvin as one of the most knowledgeable, professional, caring people I have spoken to regarding the best strategy to use for my daughter who has a unique academic profile.

    My daughter is a student at the University of Pennsylvania and has done very well on standardized exams and classes, yet she has dyslexia and learns best not via reading and one on one. Although, we are located in California, Megan used her resources in both California and New York to assess where studying would be better. She is totally in tune with creating an individualized program that would work best for my daughter. She is open to new techniques, combining various components of different programs to try to develop the best program for my daughter. She is not just trying to sell Examkrackers, rather attempting to create a program that fits and in a manner where my daughter will thrive.

    Her honesty, integrity, and ability to follow through and get back to me quickly is outstanding. She is warm, personable, and definitely knows what she is talking about. She is knowledgeable about other programs and one that she had not heard of in California she wanted to research, so she knows all the programs out there and how the company can progress and succeed.

    Megan, thinks out of the box and her openess and willingness to work with the client and their family should be highly commended. Having such employees as Megan is what will continue to make your program a success not just for you, but most importantly for the students you teach.

    I want to thank her for all her help and hope that you acknowledge her dedication to both your company and her students. I appreciate your time and cannot tell you how helpful she is and how much time she spends even after hours to help create the best mix of educational tools and tutors for my daughter.