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Online MCAT Prep Class – Spring 2020


Download the Day-by-Day Schedule Here

Classes begin on 02-08-20

Classes run 8:00PM – 10:00PM ET


Course Extra Benefits Include:

  • 5 Full-Length Online Simulated MCAT Exams (4 EK & 1 AAMC)
  • 5 In-Depth Online Reviews of the Full-Length Simulated MCAT Exams
  • Weekly Online Recap Reviews of Mini Exams covered in class
  • Examkrackers Forum Membership for 6 months
  • Recorded In-Class Saturday Review Sessions
  • Recorded Online Lectures

Examkrackers Live Online Review Course provides 115 hours of live online instruction over nine weeks of evening and weekend classes. Our online classes are interactive so that as a student you have the ability to ask our top tier instructor questions during class, just as if you were attending a course in person.

This course covers everything on all four sections of the MCAT. Its format is designed to keep you engaged and familiarize you with how the MCAT tests and approaches the material.

MCAT Prep Without the Burnout

This course schedule is built with four evening class sessions each week (M, T, W, R), two hours each, with an additional 3 hour recorded online review session every Saturday and five full length exam reviews on optimal Sundays. Although classes are 2 hours total, each lecture is only 50 minutes long, in order to optimize your attention span and maximize your learning.

Class lectures on Mondays & Wednesdays are followed on Tuesdays & Thursdays by complete reviews of every question on the practice exams from the prior evening’s lectures. Our top scoring instructor reviews all your incorrect and correct answer choices in order to teach you how to think like the MCAT is going to test and improve other skills, such as speed.

MCAT Specialist Guidance

At Examkrackers, we don’t believe in allowing our students to float through an MCAT course without showing significant improvement. Throughout your time in our course, our National Program Director will monitor your full length MCAT scores and adjust your study plan. We do this to maintain the high quality of the course and keep our students on a successful path. To schedule your first free session, click here.

Price Match Us

As MCAT Specialists, we know we want to coach any student who crosses our path to get an exceptional MCAT score. Allow us to evaluate your academic path and price match any similar competitor course you’re considering.

*Books included with course. All course materials are shipped once registration is complete.

*You will be emailed a Student Enrollment & Agreement form once your order has been processed. These forms must be filled out to complete your enrollment process and to receive your materials.


11th Edition MCAT Manuals (NO CHARGE)
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