Should You Retake the MCAT

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Short answer is yes, you should retake the exam, but only one more time if at all possible.

If you take the MCAT multiple times, it may actually hurt your application. Per the AAMC, “Since this exam’s introduction in 2015, the vast majority of examinees (just under 95%) have tested at most once or twice. About 5% have tested three times. Only about 1% of examinees have tested more than three times… In a recent survey, admissions officers reported using different strategies for examining retesters’ scores. For example, some admissions committees use all exam scores in conjunction with other information about academic preparation that may explain any score changes. Other admissions committees use applicants’ most recent exam scores in the admissions process or applicants’ “best score” as represented by their highest reported total score. Other committees compute the average total score across the multiple attempts.”

The AAMC’s data reflects that the best strategy is to take the MCAT as few times as possible. You can take the exam three times in one calendar year, and four times total in two calendar years. Your lifetime limit is 7 times.

We suggest your approach for this retake be focused both on content and practice questions. Consistent practice questions will help you immensely; psychology research has consistently shown that testing yourself on recently acquired knowledge enhances recall considerably more than just reading the information again. A question bank would probably be a good investment, as would the AAMC practice exams. You would probably also benefit from doing a deep-dive on a practice exam with a tutor who can help you identify your most critical areas of weakness in each section. Examkrackers KrackU prep platform provides all of these things and more.

-Examkrackers prep team


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